Google Apps or Office 365?

After being a faithful Microsoft customer for years, is it time to switch over to Google when choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps? As a business owner, what do you trust more—the age-old wisdom and IT expertise of Microsoft … Continue reading

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CloudAlly News – Australia Amazon Data Center, ISO Certification & Unlimited Storage

 We are happy to announce that in addition to the Amazon U.S and E.U. datacenters, you can now select the Amazon Australian datacenter for CloudAlly archive storage. This ensures that your data is in the appropriate physical location to address … Continue reading

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3 Misconceptions about Google Apps Debunked

Are you a Google fanatic? Who isn’t? You certainly are if you are a Google Apps user. You get a ton of valuable tools that help you to manage your business better, improve your team’s productivity, and indirectly help you … Continue reading

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Outlook vs. Gmail – A Comparative Guide for Your Business Needs

Google and Microsoft have been ruling the email service industry for quite some time now and they have come up with a lot of variant features with their own pros and cons. However, most of the businesses use them without … Continue reading

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It’s World Backup Day – Have You Backed up Your Data Yet?

Have you ever been the scapegoat of an April fool joke? Must be, right? Or maybe you are so smart that you evaded being the target? Then imagine this. So far your business has been running decently and you make … Continue reading

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Microsoft OneDrive for Business – should you consider it?

The short answer is… yes. Formerly called SkyDrive Pro, OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive and others. As an integral part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013, OneDrive for Business lets you work within the context … Continue reading

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SharePoint Online – The things you need to know

Microsoft SharePoint is here for some time now, and today it’s also offered in an on-premise or cloud offerings. SharePoint is a key player in a very crowded space of business collaboration and content management with strong competitors like Alfresco, … Continue reading

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The Good and Bad of SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool in managing documents and information. It has vast potential if it is implemented with care into its environment. Like every new version, SharePoint 2013 has its good and bad. Before we look at the … Continue reading

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It’s all about… optimization

It might be surprising, but for CloudAlly, we are first and foremost about…optimization. Suresecurity, scalability, availability, functionality and user experience are a must in everything we do,however, optimization is the secret and most challenging ingredient. CloudAlly is all about simplicity … Continue reading

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Office 365 – do we need to backup our own data?

The short answer is… yes. Let’s start from deletions. What happens when you delete an email? You have 14 or 30 days to recover it from the dumpster and afterwards it’s gone forever. If you have Office 365 plans E3 … Continue reading

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