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microsoft sharepoint backup

Microsoft SharePoint Backup Comparison (2016)

SharePoint On – Premises VS. SharePoint Online (2016) Microsoft SharePoint Backup – 2017 updates CIO executives and IT managers are facing a tough decision selecting between SharePoint On – Premises, and SharePoint online of Office 365. This is much more apparent since 2013 when we reviewed the choices at hand. It has been 4 years […]

Office 365 Backup

The Importance of Regional Data Centers for Office 365 Backup

When it comes to Office 365 backup, there’s a lot of confusion about what’s appropriate for each small and medium-sized business.  Some people think that nothing else is needed, but Microsoft’s cloud backup comes with an unwanted element of risk. Office 365 doesn’t offer daily backup and recovery services that make it easy to restore […]

Office 365 Online Backup and Restore

8 Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Office 365 Online Backup & Restore

Office 365 Online Backup and Restore Disaster can strike at any moment, and it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, no one was prepared for the devastation. Flooding destroyed countless businesses while others went weeks without power and still others were reduced to rubble. In fact, many companies were […]

Google Apps backup

Tidy Employee Off-Boarding

Tidy Employee Off-Boarding with Google Apps backup, Microsoft Mail Exchange, etc. In HR, when you follow up on someone’s departure in a typical off-boarding process, you’re probably just asking IT to “get everything” from that person’s workstation, as you deal with other practical aspects like desk space and benefits updates. But what if IT isn’t able […]

Cloud to cloud backups

The Disgruntled Employee Insurance Policy – Cloud to cloud backups!

Cloud to cloud backups is imperative for a disgruntled employee insurance policy The worst part of management and running a business is having to fire an employee. It’s never an easy process. Worse yet, sometimes the employee refuses to exit gracefully. For example, one large organization recently lost over 50,000 Salesforce records when a disgruntled […]

exchange online archiving

CloudAlly Backup versus Exchange Online Archiving

Exchange Online Archiving Vs CloudAlly Online Backup with Amazon AWS In this article we will compare two methods to backup and protect Office 365 data: Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) and CloudAlly. It is important to understand the key differences between these two Office 365 backup options and to know whether they can suffice individually […]

Google Vault Backup

Google Vault Backup Vs CloudAlly Amazon AWS Backup

Google Vault Backup Vs CloudAlly Amazon AWS Backup Being a readily available add-on for Google Apps, Google Vault could be a potentially good data protection and backup alternative. But, does it provide a complete data protection solution with backup or recovery from any point? And, how does it measure up against CloudAlly, which is a leading […]

salesforce backup apps

8 Top Salesforce Backup Apps You Should Explore

Salesforce Backup Apps – Read about 8 top apps you should definitely explore Salesforce is a powerful tool that allows you to improve sales productivity and increase conversions, and with the AppExchange Marketplace you can extend Salesforce even further with a wide variety of 3rd party apps. Here are eight of our favorite Salesforce Backup […]

dropbox for business backup

Dropbox for Business Backup Vs Box for Business

Box for Business vs. Dropbox for Business Backup – The Five Most Important Things You Need to Know Has your business already moved to the cloud for storage and related services? if so, then chances are you’re already familiar with cloud storage services such as Box and Dropbox for business. There are many similar features offered by the […]

Box Apps for Business backup

The 6 Leading Box Apps for Businesses

Cloudally provides Box Apps for Business backup solution. Read about the most popular Box apps for your business. The aim is to check out the benefits and features of some of the top Box applications for businesses, and Cloudally box backup. The objective of using Box apps is that these allow you to access, share […]