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3 Reasons You Should Add Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service To Your Portfolio

Every business wants to satisfy its clients and win more customers. But the question is how? For most, quality service is necessary. But is that everything that can be offered? The competition is tough and you have to stay ahead. So, the key to success is to know your competition, use the findings to your […]

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SharePoint On – Premises VS. SharePoint Online (2013)

If you’re having a hard time selecting between Sharepoint On – Premises, and SharePoint online of Office 365, this next article is for you. This article provides a basic overview of the primary differences between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premises. So let’s begin by taking a look at the different environments needed to run […]

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Top Office 365 Resellers In UK

Migrating to Office 365  is a critical step and process. You may need some serious hand holding to make the job easy. But don’t worry. We understand your problem and realize your need, so we did extensive research to find the best resellers for you.   This is our second post on top resellers. This […]


Best Practices & Considerations For Office 365

There are a number of important best practices that decision makers should consider, regardless of their organization’s size, as they contemplate a migration to Office 365: Tools First consider native Microsoft capabilities versus third-party capabilities. While third-party tools can add significant cost to the migration project – that added cost is most certainly justified. In […]

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Top Office 365 US Resellers You Should Consider

Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud suite, is a hot cake these days. Microsoft’s first preview of Office365 had organizations asking how suitable it would be for non-Windows platforms. Now, three years down the line since the launch of Office365, we see Microsoft steadily increasing its channel partners. Here are Top  O365 resellers in US you should […]