Why Backup Online Data with CloudAlly?

Leading online providers such as Google and Salesforce have world-class disaster recovery capabilities, but only for their disasters, not yours. And since one-third of all data loss is due to human error, chances are you will have your own disasters.

Without daily backups, the only thing standing between you and disaster is the trash folder, and once that’s cleared your data is
gone forever. The truth is that once your data is deleted, altered or corrupted, whether accidentally or maliciously, there is very
little you or your service provider can do to recover it.

Unless of course you use CloudAlly, the first cloud-based service to backup Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365 and more to
unlimited Amazon secure storage. We provide unlimited retention of your daily archives and a simple one-click restore so you can
quickly recover data from any point in time.

CloudAlly is ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA compliant ensuring our strict
adherence to data security and customer confidentiality best practices.

With CloudAlly’s automated backup service you will:
  • Save time by eliminating manual intensive admin processes
  • Control all your backups from a single management console
  • Ensure all data is backed up on a daily basis
  • Have unlimited retention of your daily archives
  • Reduce on-premise storage requirements
  • Easily export or restore critical data
  • Have the choice of US (default) or EU, AU data centers

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