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Backing up a Public Folder

In order to backup the Public Folder, the Admin account must have a mailbox license and needs to have read / write permissions for the Public Folder as follows:

  1. From the Exchange Admin Center click on Public Folders.
  2. Select the Public Folder that you want to backup and click on ‘…’ to select Root Permissions.
  3. Verify that the Admin account used for the CloudAlly backups has read / write access to the Public Folder.
  4. If not, click on the ‘+’ to add the Admin Account.

To restore a Public Folder, the restore process creates a sub-folder that will need to be added as a new Public Folder in order to access the restored data. Follow the normal Office 365 Exchange Online procedures to Create a Public Folder, using the CloudAlly restored sub-folder as the path, as well as any additional sub-folders that are included in the restore.


Updated on January 16, 2019

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