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Selecting Your Backup Preferences – Dropbox

CloudAlly gives you the flexibility to automatically detect and backup new accounts, as well as select your archive location, backup hour and backup frequency. Once you have finished selecting your preferences, make sure and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

Auto Detect and Activate new Accounts

Click this box to have CloudAlly automatically activate backups for new users added to the system. If you don’t select this option, you will need to manually activate backups for new users as they are added.

Retain auto-archived backups

Enter when you want to remove the backup archive in the Retain auto-archived backups for ___  days before deleting field.

Backups will be auto-archived when the account is deleted. Enter the number of days to retain the auto-archived account data or leave blank to retain it indefinitely. This will not affect manually paused backups.

Friendly Name

You can enter a nickname for the backup schedule in the Friendly Name field.

Archive Location (Display only)

This is the AWS datacenter location you originally selected when signing up for your CloudAlly account. Contact support@cloudally.com if you would like to change the location.

Selecting your Backup Hour

By default CloudAlly backups run at approximately 02:00 UTC. You can change the backup time by selecting a new UTC time from the drop down menu.

Selecting your Backup Frequency

Backup frequency is set to daily by default, but you can change this to every 3 days or weekly from the drop down menu.

Retention Period (Display only)

This field can only be changed by opening a support ticket. By default, we provide unlimited retention of your daily backups for as long as you maintain your account subscription. You can override this default and specify a retention period in days, months or years by submitting a support ticket. Backups older than the retention period specified will be automatically deleted.

Updated on July 8, 2019

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