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Are you playing Russian roulette with SimpleDB?

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Simple DB Backup

Sure, it can be fun to live a little dangerously at times, but when it comes to your business data, or more importantly your customer’s business data, the last thing you want to do is be a risk taker. A simple db backup

We love AWS SimpleDB but unlike its cousins EBS and RDS, SimpleDB lacks the backup and recovery features needed for a comprehensive data protection plan.

So we decided it’s high time someone gives it the protection it deserves. And that’s exactly what we did…

CloudAlly is proud to announce the availability of automated daily backups for SimpleDB to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage. We backup all domains within your account and you can backup as many SimpleDB accounts as needed. Our one-click export and non-destructive restore allows you to quickly recover data from any point in time so that you can stop living dangerously, at least when it comes to your SimpleDB data.

If you’re already using CloudAlly you can activate your simple db backup directly from the Backup & Recovery control panel. If you’re new to CloudAlly, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial (no credit card required) and start backing up all your domains within minutes.

And as always, you can easily activate backups for Google Apps, Salesforce and other online services with a few simple clicks.

Visit CloudAlly today to find our more about our simple db backup, as well as our complete range of automated daily backups for other leading online service.

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