7 Winning Marketing Ideas for MSPs

By Murray Moceri – Director of Partner Accounts at CloudAlly

Marketing Ideas for MSPs

Strong marketing is at the core of any successful business, more so for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), who have a spectrum of products to market and a range of customers to reach out to. However, research shows that more than half of MSPs struggle with their marketing. Without a detailed marketing plan that maps to your business goals, you are missing out on a central driver.  Here are some proven: marketing ideas for MSPs, that can take your business to the next level:

  1. Define your client personas
  2. Decide on your sales strategy
  3. Optimize social media
  4. Create content that connects
  5. Follow up leads
  6. Add new services
  7. Don’t neglect after-sales
  8. How CloudAlly Can Help?

1. Define your client personas

Most MSPs grow ad-hoc, adding solutions to their portfolio and marketing them to prospective clients of all sizes and domains. This makes it difficult to establish a price structure, prioritize solutions and understand your customer persona – all essential aspects of successful marketing. and deciding what solutions to offer one of the most difficult parts of their business. Take a step back and understand your target audience, zone in on your ideal client type and develop your client persona. That way you have can focus and personalize your marketing, and resultantly, be more successful at connecting with your customers.

2. Decide on your sales strategy 

Next, establish a sales and marketing strategy. The two most common models are direct response marketing or brand marketing. You will find both strategies have their merits: branding builds customer retention and recognition, while direct response develops customer relationships, provides you with measurable data and has a good ROI.

Which model you adopt will depend on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to reach your business goals. However, the arguments lean towards brand marketing.

As Kevin Clune, the Co-Founder, and Editor of MSP Growth Hacks, recommends, “If you are in the position to choose a theoretical marketing strategy for your IT company, we firmly recommend a brand strategy. While I have executed numerous direct response strategies myself as an MSP, it is my general opinion that the days are numbered for the yield that these can produce and that brand is the best play moving forward”

3. Optimize Social Media 

There are 3.2 billion users on social media. And when you consider the vast audiences that social media attracts it is not hard to see why it should be part of your marketing.  However, effective social media marketing starts with a plan. If your MSP does not have social media expertise, then consider outsourcing this part to a specialist. In the meanwhile, here are three tips to get you started.

Be Responsive 

Social media users like to connect with brands and leave them feedback. Whether your feedback is positive or negative, be responsive and learn from it.

Share Links and Build Relationships 

Use social media to build relationships with other MSPs, CSPs, and the likely end-users of your services. You can do this by sharing links to related news articles, announcing new products or sharing service news.

4. Create content that connects 

There are plenty of options for marketing. For instance, you could choose to go with regular newsletters, blog content or white papers or case studies to demonstrate your value. Or try infographics and video marketing. Remember, it does not matter what form your content takes, but the content you publish needs to showcase how your organization or services can add value to the customer. 

For that, your content must resonate with your intended audience.  Analyze your preferred/target customer base – their demographics, challenges, and influencers. Focus on their pain points (your customer’s main problems), and detail how your services can resolve them. Use storytelling to build a connection with your customers and engaging with them. Powerful storytelling can also create consumer trust and encourage a purchase.

5. Follow-up with leads

Follow up on leads you make at networking groups and tradeshows. 48% of sales people do not follow up on leads, while others do not follow up quickly enough. This leads to what Christopher Ryan of Fusion Marketing Partners calls ‘revenue leakage”. 

Use multi-channel engagement when following up with leads. Consider sending educational material like whitepapers and case studies, making a connection through a shared experience at the event, and sharing information about new services.

6. Add new services

Add new services by teaming up with a partner. When you partner with an external business, you can diversify your offerings to increase your client base and your revenues. Ensure that your suite of offerings is not piecemeal, but comprehensive and keeping up with industry trends. For example, with high-profile data breaches and evolving security threats, cybersecurity is an increasing concern for organizations worldwide. As a result, cloud clients are increasingly expecting their MSP providers to offer more complete services, such as SaaS backup and recovery, and disaster recovery. Including such backup services can dramatically increase the saleability of your suite of services. 

7. Don’t neglect after-sales

Churn is becoming a major cause of worry amongst MSPs. A recent SolarWind MSP survey indicated that every month on average in North America MSPs are gaining four new customers for every three lost. How can MSPs stem the loss? With exceptional customer service and after-sales support. It’s vital that your MSP partners with a company that offers product marketing and sales support, along with excellent customer support, for reduced churn and increased referrals.

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How CloudAlly Can Help?

Increase revenues and provide a more complete service by offering CloudAlly’s secure, dependable and comprehensive SaaS backup and recovery solution. Three reasons MSPs prefer to partner with us:

  • We back up the entire range of SaaS platforms – Office 365, SharePoint/OneDrive, G Suite, Box, Dropbox, and Salesforce – so you have a one-stop backup solution for your range of clients.
  • Customer support that is highly responsive, dedicated and spans the full sales life-cycle is a proven MSP differentiator. We focus on customer engagement both pre-sales and post-sales with 24x7x365 customer support from a real person. We also understand the customer’s need for multi-channel support options via call, email, chat, or a ticket through our dedicated customer portal
  • Our accelerated Partners Program offers exclusive partner discounts, commissions and added revenue. We also extend sales and marketing support from our team of experienced marketers and our content repository of proven marketing material. 

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Why Exceptional Customer Service is an MSP/Partner Differentiator?

By Adi Hirsh Schwartz – Customer Support Director

MSP Business Plan

MSP business planThe Managed Service Providers (MSP) market is expected to grow from $155.91 billion in 2017 to $296.38 by 2023, at a growth rate (CAGR) of 11.32%. Similar growth is exhibited by the Reseller Market. This potential for high returns is resulting in an uptick in entrants and an increasingly competitive business landscape. How can you differentiate your products or suite? With simply exceptional customer service, and build up your: MSP business plan.

Read on for pointers. This article is about:

Standing out in the MSP Market

MSPs offer multiple advantages such as low operating and capital expenditure, quality of service and best-in-class expertise. Thus, it’s no surprise that organizations are turning to MSPs in droves to facilitate and sustain digital transformation. MSPs enable companies to focus on nurturing their own core business and gives them peace of mind that their SaaS stack is being taken care of both proactively and reactively. However, the potential for high returns and rapid growth has resulted in increased competition and reseller/partner programs. MSPs have to differentiate themselves to survive and thrive. Offering a comprehensive suite of premier solutions helps greatly in building long-term sustainable customer relationships. Another oft-neglected differentiator is offering exceptional Customer Service.

How Customer Service can be a Differentiator?

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Studies show that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. This cost will probably go up when applied to the competitive MSP/Partner market, where losing even a few major customers can be crippling to the business. Here are aspects of Customer Service that can help both with customer engagement and retention:

  • Understanding the Customer

MSPs and Partner resellers offer a range of products to a variety of clients. It is essential to understand what the customer expects from each of them, to avoid potential disappointments and unmet requirements. However, to be able to market the product effectively, it is equally, if not more important to understand the customer’s requirements, pain points, and core challenges. Build an engaging customer service both pre-sales and post-sales to benefit from valuable persona insight that can be used to inform product marketing and development of both your suite and the individual products. 

  • Keeping Communication Lines Open and Active

Exceptional customer service requires an effective communication framework that is multi-channel, intuitive and responsive. Keep the communication lines active – provide product updates, metrics of the ROI you bring, and regular reports of your KPIs. Encourage two-way communication with regular surveys, social media engagement, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Fast Issue Redressal to Combat Customer Loss 

To increase customer retention, their complaints and queries must be addressed rapidly before they become festering roadblocks. For that, there needs to be easy support options for the customers to share their grievances and ask their questions. As per ZenDesk customers overwhelmingly prefer multi-channel support options. These queries must then be followed through with actionable resolutions with a short response time.

How CloudAlly Can Help?

At CloudAlly we are driven by delighting our customers and partners. And this is not mere lip-service.  It starts with the development ethos of our SaaS backup solutions for Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce. We prioritize UI/UX with OOTB products that require minimal adoption effort.

We cultivate our customer engagement pre-sales and post-sales with 24x7x365 customer support where you can expect a practical solution to your query within 30 mins from a real person. We also understand the customer’s need for multi-channel support options via call, email, chat, or a ticket through our dedicated customer portal Customer support that is highly responsive, dedicated and spans the full sales lifecycle is a proven product differentiator.

Explore our accelerated Partners Program that offers exclusive partner discounts, commissions and added revenue. MSP business plan – Complete your MSP suite with a comprehensive SaaS backup solution with customer support that makes a difference that will matter to you and to your customers.

Why Should MSPs Include Backup Solutions in Their Suite of Offerings?

Cloud Backup For MSPs

Organisations are increasingly trusting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide them with an all-in-one SaaS platform and comprehensive cloud service management at an optimal cost. However, with increasing malware attacks, data protection is of vital importance to the success of the SaaS suite. Cloud backup for MSPs, is a must-have. A few pointers on how the MSP can secure their cloud solutions.

This article includes:

Why do Organisations use MSPs?

The modern organisation requires a diverse stack of SaaS-based enterprise applications. Given the complexity, organisations typically have two options to manage their SaaS suite: 

  • Build a team within their organisation that is knowledgeable, and responsible for managing and supporting the range of cloud services. This means high Capital expenditure (CAPEX) and compromised Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Choose an MSP for the job and benefit from proven expertise and efficiencies of scale.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Low Operating Expenditure (OPEX) and low CAPEX,
  • Access to best-in-class expertise. 
  • Industry-grade quality of service (QoS)
  • Frees up time to focus on their core business 
  • Peace-of-mind that the MSP is taking care of the SaaS stack both proactively and reactively.

It’s no surprise then, that organisations are overwhelmingly choosing Managed Service Providers (MSP’s). ChannelE2E indicates that the MSP market is globally a ~$200 billion dollar industry and continues to grow at 12.5% compounded rate.

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Why is Backup so Vital to the MSP’s suite?

Our previous blog post extensively talks about why SaaS platforms need backup too. Most SaaS services like G Suite, Office 365, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, Dropbox, Salesforce make it explicitly clear in their terms and conditions that they are a service provider and ownership of data in their service is the customer’s responsibility. These best-in-class SaaS solutions are extremely secure, but they cannot protect the customers from their own mistakes such as inadvertent or malicious deletes, overwrites, sync errors or from the threats of malware, ransomware, and hackers. Hence, the SaaS providers themselves actively advise using 3rd party backup solutions. Compliance laws like GDPR, HIPAA, and Sox also mandate that data protection is a “shared responsibility”. 

All of which highlights how vital it is for MSPs to include a reliable cloud-based backup and recovery solution as an essential part of their SaaS suite. This is particularly critical for MSPs, as Quality of Service QoS is paramount for MSPs, and how better to ensure high-quality than by providing a data protection safety net? Hence, an increasing number of MSPs are offering managed backups via 3rd party solutions as part of their service offerings. SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are especially vulnerable to data breaches which at a crippling cost of $3.92 million is many times greater than or comparable to their monthly/annual revenue. MSPs ensuring 3rd party backup solutions bundled with their offerings – seamlessly ensure adherence to the golden 3-2-1 backup rule

MSPs know best how important it is to distinguish offerings by industry sectors, customer types, etc. For example, the data retention needs of a publishing house will be different than a HIPAA compliant healthcare service provider. So MSPs can also intelligently bundle backup services to maximise their margins while retaining the customer’s focus on the top-notch QoS provided by the MSP.

How can CloudAlly Help?

CloudAlly helps MSPs proactively solve their customers’ data protection and data loss issues by providing SaaS backup solutions for the entire range of SaaS platforms – Office365, G Suite, Salesforce, Sharepoint and OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and more. We are also ranked as the Newsweek’s #1 best backup and restore tool. We offer a full-featured 15-day free trial which you can activate and start backing up your data in minutes and are very highly rated and recommended by our users. As an MSP, if QoS is important to you, you would be glad to know we take pride in our 365 X 24X7 availability for through our dedicated customer support hub across channels like phone, email, ticket and chat.

Contact us to have an expert guide you through making your managed service offerings holistic. Psst…we also offer competitive affiliate commissions.