Disaster Recovery Best Practices

Calculating your Downtime

Find out how much downtime will cost your company, by using our FREE ‘calculator’ .

Smart IT managers know that not backing up your business data can be hazardous to your on-going business operations.  Companies who do not backup their SaaS services such as Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce, are liable to incur downtime costs that would have been avoided if they had invested in a cloud-to-cloud backup solution.

Use our ROI downtime calculator below to evaluate the risks at hand, and share the information with your CFO to explain the need for backing up your business services.

Total Cost of Downtime

Employee Productivity Cost

Annual Gross Revenue

Number of Employees

System Recovery Cost

Total Hours the System is Down

Total Labor Hours for Full Recovery

Labor Rate per Hour for Recovery Services

Average Revenue per Employee

Productivity Loss per Hour

Total System Recovery Cost

Downtime Cost per Day

Downtime Cost per Hour

Downtime Cost per Minute