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The usage of SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365, G Suite (Google Apps), Salesforce, Dropbox and Box has exponentially risen. This shift-to-remote paradigm makes it more critical to secure SaaS platforms now days.With surging data breaches and increasing malware attacks, SaaS Data Protection has become a top priority for organisations. Provide your customer’s with a proven cybersecurity safety net – CloudAlly’s SaaS backup and recovery.

Our top-rated and enterprise-grade solutions comprehensively protect your customer’s critical SaaS data, while ensuring your MSP bundle of solutions is secure and comprehensive.

Our partners are at the heart of what we do. Your goals are our mission and your trust drives us on. WE TRUELY HAVE YOUR BACKup!

→Save with Unbeatable Pricing for Partners: Custom discounts for bundles, high-volume and multi-year packages.

→High ROI with Bundled Services: Our Tier 1 24×7 customer support, Customer Support Hub, PCI compliant billing, dedicated sales and marketing team, and more.

→Expand Business with Data Protection: Complete your suite of offerings and grow your business with secure, enterprise-grade SaaS backup and recovery for multiple SaaS solutions – Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, G Suite.


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Provide Your Clients with Cloud Backup & Restore Services for:
Office 365 Online, SharePoint/OneDrive, G Suite (Google Apps), Box.com, Dropbox.com, Salesforce.com.


Bundle CloudAlly with other
SaaS services, professional
services, and managed
services for increased MRR
(monthly recurring revenue).



Improve customer retention
by deepening relationships
with bundled services,
centralized billing and support.



Stand out with a full set of
SaaS services, including a
complete data protection and
recovery solution.



Streamline processes with our integrated partner portal, daily backup notifications,
consolidated billing and API’s.

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Partner Program Benefits

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What’s included in our backup subscription
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Unlimited Storage Capability

Unlimited secure Amazon S3 storage and unlimited retention of
daily archives

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Regional Data Centers

Archive storage in Amazon’s AWS: U.S., Canada, E.U. or Australia Data Centers

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Secured Cloud Backup

Advanced Security AES-256 data encryption

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Why Backup your Clients and How to Profit From It?​

When backup becomes imperative for business operations.
Learn more about deficiencies with existing default capabilities in SaaS apps, and why third party backup and recovery is your customer's best safety net. Share your details to download: