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CloudAlly Launches Amazon SimpleDB Backup Service.

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CloudAlly, a leading provider of cloud to cloud backup and recovery services, launches an automated online daily backup service for Amazon’s SimpleDB data store to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage.

January 10 2012 – United States of America — Amazon’s SimpleDB is a flexible and scalable alternative to relational databases that significantly reduces the work of DBAs by automatically managing infrastructure tasks, while allowing developers to store and query data items via web services requests.

Amazon’s built-in redundancy and failover architecture guarantees data durability within the Amazon data centers, but does not provide the backup and recovery features needed to restore SimpleDB domains in the event of accidental or malicious data loss.

CloudAlly bridges the gap by providing automated daily backups of all SimpleDB domains to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage enabling customers to export or restore domains from any point in time. In addition to SimpleDB, CloudAlly customers can also activate backups for Salesforce, Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

SimpleDB’s scalability and durability make it an excellent alternative to traditional
relational databases, but it lacks the backup and recovery services found in other
AWS solutions such as EBS or RDS,” explains Murray Moceri, Marketing Director
for CloudAlly. “Our cloud-based SimpleDB backup gives developers the ability to
easily activate daily backups for all their SimpleDB domains, and then export or
restore those domains whenever needed.

CloudAlly is built on Amazon’s reliable AWS Platform and all data is encrypted and stored in Amazon S3 storage. Customers can activate automated daily backups for all SimpleDB domains with a few simple clicks once they’ve activated their CloudAlly account.

CloudAlly has been tested and verified secure by Amazon Web Services,, and Google Apps, and is available in the Salesforce AppExchange, Google Apps Marketplace, or directly from the company’s website. Pricing discounts are available to qualified Academic and Non-Profit Organizations.

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