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Jun 13, 2017

In the Media

"Still No Good Option for Office 365 Backups"

“The most popular question people ask me about Office 365 is to recommend how to take backups, specifically for Exchange Online. Few who ask like my answer: Don’t bother. I have been consistent in this opinion for the last five years (see this piece from last year). The feeling gets stronger as time goes by.

I do not blame people for asking about backups. It is natural for those who migrate from an on-premises environment to want to have the same kind of facilities that they have come to depend on when their data is in the cloud. However, applying on-premises principles to Office 365 is never a great idea because this approach ignores the simple fact that Exchange Online is very different to Exchange 2016 (or whatever version you use).”


“If you really want to take Office 365 backups, I’m sure that companies like Veeam, Skykick, Spanning, Managecast, Cloudally, StorageCraft, and AvePoint will be happy to discuss how they can help. All will have their own perspective on the matter and will argue their case to justify backups. You should certainly take the time to listen and then make your own mind up.”

Tony Redmond | CloudAlly

Article Author: Tony Redmond

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