Database Optimization

Sure it might be surprising, but for CloudAlly, we are first and foremost about… database optimization.
security, scalability, availability, functionality and user experience are a must in everything we do,
however, optimization is the secret and most challenging ingredient.

CloudAlly is all about simplicity and cost effectiveness. We aim to leverage the economy of the
cloud and make it work for our customers by providing them Read more

CloudAlly anytime anywhere anyway you wish

Speedy Cloud Backup

Serving customers all over the world we have built CloudAlly to be flexible and easily adapt features and capabilities that suits our customers’ requirements and needs.

Anywhere. Many of our European customers asked us to keep their data solely in the EU. Leveraging Amazon Web Services worldwide data centers, we offer our customers the ability to select where their data will be processed and saved. For many EU customers this is the preferable way to keep their data closer and within the EU premises.

Anytime. Usually, the best time of day to run the daily backup is after working hours. For different customers around the world this implies a different timing, thus CloudAlly enable customizing the daily backup time of day. Nice example is one of our customers whose a global company that uses CloudAlly to backup its AWS DynamoDB production database. They have huge Read more

CloudAlly & SimpleDB to DynamoDB Migration Tool

DynamoDB Migration Tool

Amazon Web Services recently announced the availability of DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database service, and since we already offer a backup and recovery solution for SimpleDB, we decided to get busy and develop a backup solution for DynamoDB. We’re still a few weeks away from implementation, but wanted to share a tool (java code to be more precise) that our CloudAlly engineers created to quickly populate DynamoDB tables using existing SimpleDB domains.

The tool converts each SimpleDB domain to a unique DynamoDB table, and if a table already exists, an error message will be generated in order to avoid overwriting existing data.

To execute the tool, compile it with Java and make sure you’re using the latest AWS SDK. Then it’s just a matter of entering the following arguments:


1. SimpleDB Domain name to be migrated

2. Simple DB access code Read more