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Second Star | Backup for office 365

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Second Star Technologies


Second Star Technologies uses CloudAlly Office 365 Backup Solution to Prevent SaaS Data Loss by User Deletion.

Prevent SaaS Data LossSecond Star Technologies was founded in April of 2011 as a small, home-based PC repair company.  The company pivoted over to B2B IT Consulting and Managed IT Services to gain the benefits of recurring profit margins and larger, more profitable customer bases.

As BYOD and mobile computing, as well as cloud services quickly began to dominate the Managed IT Services landscape, they on boarded several popular services, such as Office 365, and mobile device management in order to better service customers, several still recovering from the economic recession that hit Bakersfield very hard.

One of them, a nationally recognized leader in custom home design and construction decided to run as lean as possible in order to avoid the pitfalls that nearly collapsed their business during the recession. This customer requested to assess their current network and services after their previous provider had failed to live up to contractual expectations. The company owner and project manager expressed their desire to move toward a more mobile platform to improve communication with foreman and contractors in the field.

Second Star Technologies devised a strategy that involved multiple BYOD and company owned iPad’s and iPhones that required mobile device management to safeguard proprietary and confidential information in the event the devices were lost in the field or stolen. In addition, the company also migrated their failing server infrastructure to a virtualized environment, and their corrupt Microsoft Exchange system to Office 365. This organization operates in a high-trust environment, whereby the owner feels a personal connection with each member of his staff.

One of these staff members was employed as the chief foreman for their North Dakota home building projects to facilitate the increased population in the Williston Basin during the peak of the fracking boom. Unfortunately, that did not work out, and the employee was terminated.

Backup office 365
The employee was, apparently, dealing with several personal issues, and was using the company issued iPhone and iPad for personal use; something that we were asked to ignore within the MDM contract / service.

Upon termination, the employee requested an opportunity to briefly retain the mobile devices in order to remove the personal material from the systems prior to turning them back in. The employee then deleted all business related emails and contacts and returned both devices; factory reset. This caused a small panic, as the employee, in his duties as a chief foreman for a very large set of projects, was apparently the sole owner of multiple corporate vendor contacts and contractor information, as well as communications regarding work orders and payment, etc.

User Deletion, 3rd Party Apps – Over 50% of Data Loss in the Cloud
Second Star Technologies recovered all of the information, either through iCloud or Office 365’s built-in retention policies, but it became clear that an accidental or malicious deletion of this type of mission critical information required an ongoing Office 365 backup.

After a review of the situation with the business managers, Second Star Technologies was tasked with identifying and implementing a solution that could backup and protect this information, and prevent this type of incident in the future.  For this purposes, the solution needed to be simple to implement, and easy to monitor and manage, as well as offer a reasonable, ongoing profit margin, that would allow to bind this to ongoing customers , recurring contracted services, at a price that would fit into the customers lean technology vision.

CloudAlly Backs up Office 365 Data for Second Star Technologies
After some research, Second Star Technologies quickly partnered with CloudAlly to facilitate all of its Office 365 and OneDrive cloud backups. Brandon Phipps, owner of Second Star Technologies:

“The implementation took less than 30 minutes to configure and test, the price was extremely reasonable, and it allowed us to present a very cost-effective solution, very quickly to a customer that had an immediate need, and within a time frame that cemented Second Star Technologies’ ability to rapidly acquire and deploy necessary solutions to our customers”.

Second Star - Case Study


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