Why CloudAlly Online Backup?

CloudAlly offers an easy and reliable backup solution for leading online services such as Office365, Google Apps and Salesforce.

Simplified Online Data Backup

Whether you want to secure online data for your whole team or only selected users within your organization, CloudAlly enables you to quickly and easily customize all aspects of our automated backup service. With only a few clicks, you can choose the archive location, backup times and frequencies that work best for you.

Safety First

As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we ensure your data is secure through the implementation of internal controls and audits, the use of advanced encryption technologies and the world-class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) including S3 Secure Storage. We’re HIPAA Compliant and give you the option of storing your archives in AWS datacenters in the US, Europe or Australia in order to comply with your local Data Privacy requirements.

Peace of Mind

Worries about lost or corrupted data are a thing of the past. Whether it’s filing financial reports, resolving legal issues or just managing day-to-day operations, you can be sure that all your data is both 100% safe and only a few clicks away. Need access to a file that accidentally got deleted? Within minutes you can find, restore and export archived data from any point in time.