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The Best MSP Backup Solution? Inspect The Partner Portal
Best MSP Backup Solution Partner Portal | CloudAlly

The cloud backup market is expected to reach USD4.13 billion by 2022, growing at a robust 26% CAGR. Driven by customers who are increasingly prioritizing protection for their SaaS data. The cybersecurity-savvy customer of today understands the security vulnerabilities of their hybrid workforce and wants to secure their data from insidious malware, phishing, and ransomware scams. A lucrative opportunity for MSPs, VARs, and resellers to grow their business while differentiating themselves with cloud data protection. But how do you go about choosing a cloud backup vendor to backup your customer’s business-critical SaaSA data while growing your MSP’s revenue? Here are pointers to select the best MSP backup solution. Start with choosing a vendor Partner Portal solution tailored for MSPs.

The Importance of the MSP Partner Portal

Managing several customer accounts with numerous user accounts using various SaaS solutions can get cumbersome. A unified web-based portal from your vendor enables MSPs, resellers, and VARs to consolidate customer management and directly access marketing resources. Here are a few must-have features to look for in your vendor’s Partner Portal.

Consolidated Customer Management: A Partner Portal simplifies customer management only if it offers a single pane view of all your accounts and customers. It should supply a single point of information access to view and manage leads, service plans, and billing.

Anytime-anywhere Access: A Partner Portal should be web-based and mobile responsive enabling you to access it from anywhere. 

Granular Control: The portal should provide you both with a high-level snapshot view, while simultaneously allowing you to drill down from account to customer to task as and when you need granular details. 

Simplified Billing: Ensure that your Partner Portal offers centralized billing for all accounts with a drill-down to view line-item billing detail. You should be able to quickly change payment details and get visual alerts about overdue billing and expired trials.

Content Management: The Portal should house all pre-sales and marketing content that will help you sell the services.

The Best MSP Backup Solution? CloudAlly’s Partner Portal

CloudAlly’s MSP Backup solution provides a unified Partner Portal for effortless customer management. All while protecting your customer’s Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box, and Dropbox data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and increasing your revenue. Our dedicated Portal is custom-built for MSPs to easily manage all their monthly subscriptions, security settings, and view reports for all major backups with a consolidated dashboard. The Partner Portal’s intuitive dashboard provides a unified snapshot of all accounts, trials, backups, and billing status. Easily navigate to all functions while providing granular control for administrators and notification management.

Increase Your MSP Revenue and Improve ROI

Grow your business with channel-driven, top-rated, and award-winning CloudAlly backup-as-a-service with unlimited backup storage, white-label OEM backup, and Tier-1 customer support included. High-ROI bundled packages with special pricing for MSPs. Reach out to us to learn more about our backup pricing for MSPs and how CloudAlly can add tangible value with its MSP backup solution and partner portal.

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