The Options for Restoring Lost Data in Google Apps

Restoring lost data in Google Apps Google has safeguards in place to protect your account from data loss, and for many of us this gives a sense of security. We expect that Google’s Data Loss Prevention feature will keep their information safe from all harm. Unfortunately, it is not the case. While Google’s Data Loss Prevention […]

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    Office 365 Backup & Restore Office 365 is bare without essentials from CloudAlly – Part III

    Past III – The Solution: A Quick Guide To Backup & Restore Office 365 So after Covering the deficiencies with existing default solutions in Part I, and How Cloudally completes the needed slack in Part II, here in part III, we will show you how easy it is to set up your Office 365 backup. […]

  • Office 365 backup is bare without essentials – Part II

    How does Cloudally completes the needed slack? In our previous post; Part I – deficiencies with existing default solutions, we explained how Microsoft’s current default services lack in protecting what really matters. The recycle bin and Exchange Online Archive do offer limited protection against data loss. However, CloudAlly is designed to make data loss a […]

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    Office 365 backup is bare without essentials from CloudAlly

    Part I – Deficiencies with existing default solutions Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses with a simple to use interface where employees can collaborate on files from anywhere at any time. Backing up these files without the addition of CloudAlly’s Online Backup tools, however, is severely restricted. Users are forced to use the built-in tools of […]

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    The Foundation of a Successful Office 365 Migration

    Office 365 Backup and Restore – Migration Plan Migrating to Office 365 has become common practice. Businesses large and small have been attracted to the online environment as a way to save money, increase efficiency, and improve business continuity. The issue is that too many organizations take Office 365 migration lightly and don’t include such […]

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    Microsoft SharePoint Backup Comparison (2017)

    SharePoint On – Premises VS. SharePoint Online (2017) Microsoft SharePoint Backup – 2017 updates CIO executives and IT managers are facing a tough decision selecting between SharePoint On – Premises, and SharePoint online of Office 365. This is much more apparent since 2013 when we reviewed the choices at hand. It has been 4 years […]