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Does CloudAlly Replace Google Vault?

Does CloudAlly Replace Google Vault? You use Google Vault alongside your G Suite email, hangout chats, groups, and Drive. So, your data is protected from accidental or malicious loss, right? No. Google Vault is not a backup solution; it’s an eDiscovery and archiving solution with hold, search, and export features in case of litigation. And […]

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    hipaa compliance software – Office 365 HIPAA

    Office 365 – HIPAA Compliance Software Protected health information is an important subject in the technological age. The use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets make it more consequential for companies to have protections in place. With the use of online services, like Office 365, HIPAA compliant takes on a new level […]

  • HIPAA IT Compliance

    HIPAA IT compliance – G Suite

    HIPAA IT Compliance – G Suite For many companies, moving to the cloud is supposed to solve many of the headaches they have with compliance and regulatory agencies. Cloud hosting offers redundancy and protection, an area where some businesses lack. However, when it comes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, best […]

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    Q & A Series: How to Sync G suite with Outlook

    Q & A Series: How to Sync G suite with Outlook Outlook, one of the most popular mail and calendar services for commercial use, has some growing competition. While many companies are beginning to turn to G Suite, powered by Google, they may not be ready to let go of their trusty standby. In fact, […]

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    HIPAA Compliance –

    HIPAA Compliance – for HiPAA Compliance – The electronic age has made it easier for doctor’s offices and hospitals to store patient information without much paperwork. They do, however, must adhere to special regulations concerning storage of that data. These rules are known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, and […]

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    Why Google Vault is not a Backup Option!

    Google Vault Backup Solution Google seems to have an application for everything. Users subscribing to their G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education services have access to the Vault. Other G Suite users can purchase this service for $5 per month per user. But, IT managers know that Google Vault Backup Solution is not a backup solution. […]