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ThinkMobile Selects CloudAlly as No.1 Vendor for Cloud Backup

Kudos to us at CloudAlly as – The IT research and marketing company that’s known for its highly informative and exhaustive technology articles and blogs, ThinkMobiles, has listed 17 of the Best Backup Software for April 2019. The compilation is a product of careful analysis and will greatly be of help to those looking […]

  • Canadian Office 365 Backup

    Canadian Office 365 Backup & Restore Solution

    Backing up in Canada with Amazon AWS Data Centers Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful business tool used by many companies throughout Canada. It helps boost productivity with reliable access to email, calendar, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office applications. It gives businesses the ability to work from anywhere, as long as you […]

  • Office 365 Cloud-Based Service, is a game-changer for businesses.

    Microsoft’s recognized Office 365 cloud-based service is a game-changer for businesses. Article Summary Obsolete workstations – decommissioning is easy On-boarding – adding new users is a breeze Costs are transparent – with an old per-machine approach, it was easy to overlook some licenses over time. Not too many years ago, companies had to purchase licenses […]

  • online backup services for business

    Online Backup Services For Business, in 2019

    Leading Cloud Storage Options and Online Backup Services for Business in 2019 Businesses are increasingly relying on online backup services to protect their data (online backup services for business, is crucial for DR). That’s because most companies already store much of their data in the cloud or use cloud-based software such as Google Drive or […]

  • automated backup software

    Automated Backup Software 

    Scheduled and Automated Backup Software Tools Making business decisions (or IT infer-structure choices) about disaster recovery and business continuity (with automated backup software) can be a CIO or CTO’s worst nightmare. It can take months to plan, develop, implement, and test the best strategy. That’s on top of budget and resource concerns that can make […]

  • The discrepancy in storage size reports: on and

    Many IT administrators, CIO’s, and business owners who backup file storage solutions such as, are bewildered by the difference in storage size reported by these applications, and the actual storage size which is backed up.  Very often we are asked: ” So, why is there a discrepancy between the amount of storage reported […]

  • Affiliate Marketing – Earn commission on website referral

    CloudAlly has just released its new affiliate marketing program for 3rd party websites who wish to increase revenue and improve ROI. CloudAlly provides you with a competitive affiliate marketing package: Associate yourself with a leader in cloud backup solutions. With petabytes of restorable data in Amazon data centers, CloudAlly offers ‘best-in-class’ and the most secure cloud solutions […]

  • microsoft cloud backup

    Microsoft Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

    Cloud Backup for Microsoft with CloudAlly: A beginner’s guide Microsoft Office 365 Exchange has undoubtedly proven itself to be an amazing tool for small businesses and large enterprises alike. And yet, the computing behemoth still has limitations when it comes to data backup (Microsoft cloud backup). Like most systems, Microsoft Office 365 Exchange backup only […]

  • change backup software

    Office 365 Email Backup Solution

    The necessity of – Office 365 email exchange backup solution for business Exchange Online backup Software What is the risk of email data failures & incidents; We strive to limit risks in the business world which is data-driven and powered by a data-driven economy, and therefore any possibility of data loss remains a key concern and […]

  • email migration tool

    Email Migration Tools

    Tools for Small & Large-Scale Email Migrations Using an: email migration tool – is a smart way to migrate single or multiple email messages from one email client to another. Usually, it is needed when a user switches from the current email client to a new one. And there can be a plenty of reasons […]

  • Cloud Backup for Business

    Cloud Backup for Business

    Cloud Backup and Recovery Software Solutions for Business in 2018 Your business data is incredibly valuable. According to research by IBM, global devices generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. So, there’s no denying that data is crucial for running your business, making key decisions, and demonstrating your value and success to shareholders. Without […]

  • Enterprise Backup Solutions

    Enterprise Online Backup Solutions

    Business Enterprise Online Backup Solutions & Strategies for Data and Disaster Recovery Data loss happens all the time. Since 2012, data loss is up 400%. In fact, there are 140,000 hard drive failures in the U.S. each week, according to Small Business Trends. And if you start looking into malicious attacks, the data loss numbers […]

  • backup dropbox for business

    Dropbox Business – Backup & Restore Solution

    Dropbox Business Backup Dropbox Business  is a powerful and useful product in the content collaboration platforms arena.  In fact, Gartner names Dropbox Business as a Leader in the July 2018 Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms. In their own words Dropbox Business “…simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files,” hence this […]

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