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Enterprise-grade automated G Suite backup and restore allowing you to recover quickly from data loss and ensure regulatory compliance.

Protect your business-critical application’s cloud data with our Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Backup Solution

Google Workspace backup

Google Workspace Backup

Secure Your Google Workspace and Shared Drive Data with the Pioneers of SaaS Backup

Comprehensively Protect All Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) data with Automated/On-Demand Backup to Any Storage. Gmail, Shared Drives (Shared Drives (formerly Team Drive), Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Metadata backup.

Self-service anytime/anywhere recovery for your global workforce to confidently on the cloud. Point-in-time, granular, and cross-user restore with unlimited retention.

Ensure Compliance and Ease Audits with proven recoverability. Google Workspace mandated OAuth and MFA/2FA support. ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Global data centers of your choice. Secure Amazon AWS S3 data encryption. 

Reclaim Control of your Data with support to export archived data for local access in zip format or to your own S3, Azure, Box or Dropbox storage. Backup inactive account data and save on license costs. Access any archive with unlimited data retention.

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“You have a limited time from when the

data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages.

After that, the data is gone forever.”

– G Suite Administrator Help

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We pioneered SaaS backup back in 2011.  Rely on our proven, mature and top-rated products, ranked by Newsweek* as a leading SaaS backup solution. Our comprehensive Google Workspace backup & recovery solution includes daily automated backup for all your G Suite data including: 

Our intuitive admin-friendly UI, automated and secure Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) backup, ensures the safety of your company’s valuable Microsoft data, guaranteeing compliance with retention policies, preventing intentional and unintentional data loss while greatly improving recovery time objectives.

Secure Your Data With Our Google Workspace Backup & Recovery

Google Workspace cannot protect you from data loss at your end due to human, error, malicious intent, outages, sync errors, hackers, or malware.

When you add to the equation the likelihood of employee errors and the  frequency of malware attacks and security breaches, you have a significant cybersecurity gap that can cause business-critical data loss without any chance of recovery. 

Google Workspace is a powerful platform. However, it lacks the daily backup and archiving process. Native options like Vault are primarily for e-discovery, do not offer seamless recovery, are destructive (overwrite existing data), and come at an extra cost. Moreover, once your data has been deleted from Trash, manually or automatically, it’s permanently gone. 

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Although your data is hosted by Google, maintaining control and protection of your business data in case of security threats or accidental deletion is ultimately your company’s responsibility. G Suite’s Admin Help states , “You have a limited time from when the data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages. After that, the data cannot be recovered and is gone forever”. As do Gartner and Forrester. Data regulatory laws like the GDPR and HIPAA also mandate demonstrable recoverability.

* Newsweek – Top Business Tools

**Excluding Google Photos

Choose a Workspace Backup Solution Tailored For The Enterprise. Your Enterprise.

Our’s Google Workspace backup (Formerly G Suite) was built from the ground-up for the enterprise. Our Google Workplace suite of backup solution includes enterprise-driven features such as:
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Flexible Google Workspace Recovery Options to Any Storage with Unlimited Retention

Quickly recover data without overwriting existing information using our point-in-time, non-destructive restore. Our visual historical snapshots ease point-in-time recovery, and advanced search and filter options help restore individual items or entire mailboxes in a snap. All with unlimited retention, so you need not fear retention policies. We have added capability to self-service recovery and backup to your own cloud S3 compatible storage (BYOS).

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Intelligent Workforce Management

Simplified employee on-boarding and off-boarding with bulk activation and automated addition/deletion users. Thus employees have their data backed up from day one on the job. Backup of multiple domains and multi-admin support is also included. We also backup inactive G Suite account data and provide cross-user restore, so there is seamless data transfer between exits and new employees. 

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Zero Adoption Effort, Intuitive Admin-Friendly UI

Our Google Workspace backup comes with seamless integration with all G Suite plans. Our user interface is intuitive, allowing for quick and easy OOTB usage with two-click recovery. And for our admins we offer advanced user management, transparent status monitoring, email alerts and activity logs.

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High ROI with Unbeatable Pricing

We offer enterprise-friendly custom discounts for bundled, high-volume and multi-year packages. Our backup of inactive G Suite account data, helps you save on Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) license costs. Additionally, to further save on backup licenses, you can zip and export archived data for local access directly to your own S3, Azure, Box or Dropbox storage.

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We have your back(up) secure and always available

Your G Suite backup is fully protected with AES-256 data encryption at rest and in-transit, and a 99.9% uptime SLA. We offer you a choice of global data centers. We’re GDPR, and HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Our G Suite backup has in-built secure authentication with MFA/2FA, OAuth and Okta support.

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Seamless BACKUp

Automated or on-demand G Suite/Shared Drives (formerly Team Drive) backup. Auto addition and deletion of G Suite users. BYOS - Backup to your own storage. Single repository G Suite backup/OneDrive backup.

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Save big with volume discounts, bundled pricing, and multi-year discounts. Increase ROI by saving on G Suite license costs with inactive account data backups and cross-user restores.

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Meet compliance requirements with your choice of datacenters in EU, NA, and APAC. HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Secure Amazon S3 Encryption. ISO 27001 certified, GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Restore | CloudAlly

Skip the stress of G Suite data retention policies with unlimited data retention. Zip and export archived data at any hierarchical level. Backup to your own storage. Save on licensing costs with backup of inactive account data. Single repository backups.

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Enable your global team to work confidently in the cloud. Intuitive UI for self-service recovery. Historical G Suite snapshots for quick point-in-time restore. Advanced search and filter for hierarchical restore.

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Secure cloud backup with 2FA/MFA and Okta support. Use OAuth to provision your backups and eliminate the need to store your credentials. Immutable Storage - Object Lock minimize the accidental or malicious loss of data.

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Manage multiple domains from a single account. Daily backup notifications. Activity logs. Auto-activate new G Suite users. Cross-user restore for easy employee management.

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Non-destructive restore to the same G Suite user or to another. Unlimited storage and unlimited data retention.

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CloudAlly's proven G Suite backup and recovery solutions are not only proven and reliable, but easy to setup and a breeze to use. Watch these product videos to see how we offer G Suite backup and recovery that's secure, seamless and fast.​
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G Suite Backup And Restore Features
Google Workspace Backup On-Demand | CloudAlly
Backup On-Demand
Apart from automated backup, our supports on-demand backup as per your organization's requirements.
Google Workspace Granular Restore at Any Hierarchical Level | CloudAlly
Granular Restore at Any Hierarchical Level
Easily drill-down using advanced search and filters to restore artifacts at any level of hierarchy.
Google Workspace backup | CloudAlly
Point-in-time Restore
Historical snapshots further simplify the ease of point-in-time restores.
Google Workspace Export deleted items | CloudAlly
Export deleted items
Check out how to export deleted items in G Suite backup app.
Google Workspace Cross-User Restore | CloudAlly
Cross-User Restore
Simplify employee on-boarding/off-boarding with cross-user restore.
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Account activity
View your account activity in G Suite
G Suite Backup And Restore Features
Stringently secure. Audit-ready. Compliant​
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ISO 27001
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Shield Certified

All inclusive backup plan
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  • $30
user / year
  • $3
user / month
ProductsGoogle Workspace (formerly G Suite) User BasedWorkspace Drives (formerly G Suite) Storage BasedGoogle Workspace Complete (formerly G Suite) User Based
Shared Drive
Minimum Level No MinimumNo MinimumNo Minimum
RequirementsNo RequirementsNo RequirementsRequires Activation of all G Suite Users.
  • $3
  • $3
  • $3
  • $30
  • $30
  • $30
TermsPer UserPer 10 GBPer User

Backup & Recovery Features:



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View our Frequently Asked Questions on G Suite backup, built-in G Suite capabilities, and G Suite data retention policies:

Google Vault is an archiving tool which may seem like a built-in backup utility, but it’s not designed as a backup service to save data from loss or corruption. Instead, it is intended to be an archive location to support eDiscovery. This additional G Suite application mainly works to help organisations with a way to archive data, and use eDiscovery in order to comply with legal requirements. Google Vault provides organisations with the ability to archive data and set retention rules, thus preserving users by placing ‘legal holds’, and also allows for IT admins to search the organisation’s data, export needed data for further processing, and analyse  the activities of other Vault users, via its built-in audit reports.

Plainly put, G Suite – Google Vault is not a backup solution, even if there are methods to use it in order to restore lost data, in some particular situations. Its paramount to understand and differentiate Google Vault from a backup solution, simply because its primary function is to archive and hold data so that it can be found going forward. True backup & restore solutions are setup to maintain the integrity of your business data by continuously replicating a version, which can be used to replace the primary data if and when it is needed, in instances of Malware, malicious deletion, accidental, and or simply software error. IT managers who attempt to make use of Google Vault for backup & recovery instead of a 3rd party backup solution, find it will not function as a true primary data replacement solution. Its restore process and capability is cumbersome and slow. More information can be found in our blog posts:

‘Google Takeout’ is a Google service which allows users the ability to export and also archive their personal data, from Gmail, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Google Photos, Blogger, etc. These exported files are downloadable or .tgz formats.

The user can select to export all of the available services or choose services from the above mentioned list. Google Takeout will then process the request and put all the files into a zip file. There is an option to send out an email notification once the export is completed, at which point the user can download the archive from the downloads section of the website. The zip file contains a separate folder for each service that was selected for export. 

Google Takeout is not designed as a backup solution, and it was developed by an internal engineering team known as the Google Data Liberation Front as a means for users to simply extract their data from within Google applications. And, as such Google Takeout extracts a copy of data that could be used for restoration in a data loss occurrence, but for enterprizes its by far an impractical, outdated solution with severe limitations. 

The Google ‘Backup & Sync’ is downloadable software, not cloud based, which takes data stored on their Mac / PC — like; documents, photos, videos, etc. — and systematically sync them to their Google Drive account in the cloud. Backup & Sync was released in July of 2017 (replacing the discontinued Google Drive desktop client). The software main function is to sync data remotely, while safeguarding from hardware failure and risks associated with physical data storage.  

G Suite is a secure solution, and its data is encrypted ‘at rest’, within backup media, and while in transit between user devices and Google or between Google data centers. Google utilizes a high 2048-bit RSA encryption key model claiming to be; “first major cloud provider to enable perfect forward secrecy,” guarantees the encryption of data even as it moves between Google and other companies on the internet. View more about Google G Suite security.

Google does perform a backup of your G Suite data, emails, docs, and such… so it guarantees that your data remains available, continuously with their own internal backup & disaster recovery SLA. The important issue is that these backups are unavailable to system admins, or for that matter end users, and exist only to safeguard Google from their own data loss occurrences. Hence, Google does not protect data from error for your business organisation, such as accidental and or malicious user deletion, software errors, malware, ransomware, etc.

Before year 2017, Google own policy decleared that it “may terminate your account in accordance with the terms of service if you fail to login to your account for a period of nine months.” Google has removed this statement, and there is no current policy of automatic deletion following a period of inactivity. Thus, inactive Gmail accounts should remain in place, as is.

Google Gmail will keep your emails for an indefinite period of time, and there is no stated policy of deletion, regardless of their date. Hence, all emails are kept forever, unless they are deleted by the user. After deletion the email is kept in the trash folder for a period of 30 days, available for recovery, before it’s deleted permanently. Also, spam emails are automatically deleted after a 30 day’s period, unless the user modifies their status.

The short answer is no. If an email has been permanently deleted, it’s not possible to recover it, without a backup & restore solution, activated prior to the deletion date.  But, the organization’s G Suite system admin, or IT manager, might be able to restore the emails by:

  • Using the system admin console within a period of 25 days of deletion. After the 25 day period, the data is purged forever.
  • Mailboxes (including deleted messages) from the past 30 days can be recovered using the Email Audit API.

Business which understand that they are responsible for the business data, and wish to enable a restore from any point in time, with an unlimited retention period, realise that ultimately, it’s their own data and that 3rd party solutions are necessary to assist the IT department to restore G Suite data. Google’s document on Privacy and Copyright Protection clarifies this issue:

“When permitted by law, Google, and Google’s suppliers and distributors, will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages.”

“In all cases, Google, and its suppliers and distributors, will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.” 

Business continuity is assured when the organisation IT understand that the data is the lifeline of the company, and since data loss incidents occur  daily, a 3rd party backup is essential. Google does not take responsibility for the organisation data, and any data loss … and data protection is imperative even when cloud solutions are in place.  

Yes, if it’s a sub-domain please contact CloudAlly support and we will activate the backups for you. If you have unique Google Apps domains simply sign in to your Google domain with admin rights and then activate a backup on CloudAlly. You can repeat this process for all your domains.

We backup Gmail, Drive (excluding Google Photos), Sites, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Chat within Google Apps and personal Google Accounts.

Chat backup can be activated by clicking on “Show in IMAP” on the Chat line of your Gmail Manage Labels page.