CloudAlly SaaS Solution Vs. On-Premises Software

Why Choose SaaS Over On-Premise, to Backup your SaaS Solutions ?
Comparative analysis of CloudAlly’s Cloud-to-cloud SaaS Backup Vs. On-Premises Backup solutions
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Over 9,000 CloudAlly backup customers choose SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce as it’s easy to use, includes free highly secure AWS cloud storage, and provides good ROI right out-of-the-box.

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In Summary:

SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Vs.
On-Premises Backup


Why take on the hassle of Installation and Maintenance?

With SaaS backup, after starting your 14 day free trial, your responsibility and risk ends.

Added effort to install, configure and maintain the tool/backup servers. Trial-and-error patchy backup with errors that you have to detect and fix. 


Your data is only as secure as its backup. Don’t compromise on its security.

We take the onus of the end-to-end security of the SaaS backup. Backups stored stringently secure AWS servers with AES 256-bit encryption. MFA/2FA authentication.

Backup server security, updates and patches are your responsibility. One missing update or phishing attack and you risk a data breach because of a backup breach.


Get the cloud’s cost-saving benefits on storage, infrastructure, service, & support.

Unlimited AWS cloud storage, unlimited retention, tier 1 support – all costs included

All perceived ROI of on-premises backup is a fallacy – with increasing costs for storage, infrastructure, maintenance and support.


Good backup hinges on reliable recovery. 

Just hit the Restore button and have accurate data recovered in a few minutes.

Your recovery is compromised by power cuts, private cloud outages, and on-prem database malware attacks.

Usability & Service

Why overload admins with extra tasks & hassles?

Tier 1 24×7 multi-channel support for all backup/ recovery/tool challenges

You need to contact Microsoft and fix your own server errors.

Switch to SaaS now

Don't risk data loss with costly and patchy on-premises backup.

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Customer’s Verdict

We’re using CloudAlly. Been backing to about 2TB of mail and 1TB of SharePoint/OneDrive for a year or so now. At the time we compared them, CloudAlly and On-Prem solution licenses were going to cost us about the same amount per year, but CloudAlly was full cloud backup, while On-Prem Solution had us running an on-prem server to back up our data. With the extra costs for hardware it wasn’t worth going On-Prem.”

“It has been a non-issue for us and has saved about 10k per year.  CloudAlly also saved our entire SharePoint after a crypto virus. We were back up and running within 6 hours. Was about 1TB of data at the time. Turns out Israel is a bit of an I.T. security hub.”

“For about 3-4TB of O365 mail and SharePoint, pricing for CloudAlly and On-Prem seemed similar. Difference was, using on-prem solution I had to scope my on-prem backup server to hold all that data, with CloudAlly they provide the storage.

SaaS backup of Microsoft Office 365 is the way backup should be – install and forget-about-it. With employees working remotely, you need the peace of mind that your data is securely backed up and you can recover it with a few clicks. Comments – Jan 2019

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Evaluate CloudAlly for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed. If you decide to make the switch, moving all your data from On-Premises is as simple as a click.  So, what are you waiting for?

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Some of Our Customers

Do of CloudAlly
David O'Neal Network Admin MHI Inc.

For those users, we now have a point in time backups that can restore folder and item level data. It is much better than the email recovery built into Office 365, which is extremely basic.

Sean of CloudAlly
Sean Bates ICT Manager at AIB

We found that using CloudAlly to backup Office 365 and was simple to backup, and quick to setup.

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Sara Tucker IT Director at Dia Art Foundation

It’s great to have some peace of mind, It’s been great to know that something is there if something happens with the Microsoft applications.

Brandon Phipps | CloudAlly
Brandon Phipps Owner at Second Star Technologies

The implementation took less than 30 minutes to configure and test, the price was extremely reasonable, and it allowed us to present a very cost-effective solution, very quickly to a customer that had an immediate need

Kris | CloudAlly
Kris Hogh Shoosh Monkey - Owner

I found CloudAlly to the best in breed for simple, intuitive set up and low overhead to manage. Set and forget!.... Oh and their support is great if you need assistance!

Man with eyeglasses | CloudAlly
Paul Zwagerman Senior IT Specialist

CloudAlly is perfect. It saves admins a lot of time with solid backup and even super-easy recovery. Just select the mailbox or email and recover online or download a copy

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