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Global Data

Comply with Data Regulations with your choice of eight global Data Centers.

Comply with Regulations. Ensure Data Privacy. Improve Latency.

Does your org have to meet data sovereignty requirements? This ability to ensure that data remains within your country or region is a must-have for many industries and regulatory laws. CloudAlly’s SaaS Data Protection platform gives you the choice of 11 strategically located data centers to store your data.

Know Where Your Data Is Stored

CloudAlly is trusted by 16,000+ organizations worldwide, running backups of over 20 petabytes of data securely stored. We understand and value that the customer has full control of their data and have the right to choose where and how it is stored. To meet your data sovereignty needs, we have a growing network of 8 data centers in the US, Canada, Europe (France, Germany, and Ireland), the UK, and Asia Pacific (Australia and Japan). In addition to our own data centers, we offer BYOS with integration with your AWS S3, AWS S3 Compatible, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure Blob storage. This provides flexible storage options to meet all your industry, compliance, and legal requirements.

Why Global Data Centers Matter

Comply with

Preserve data sovereignty and comply with regional regulatory laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, SecNumCloud, and CCPA.

Mitigate Data
Privacy Issues

Ensure that your customer’s data resides in the same country as the customer and hence is subject to the laws of that land. This aligns your data privacy mandate with your customer’s expectations.


Get access to faster speeds and lower latency. This is especially helpful if you need to frequently access your backups or have large amounts of data to backup. Global data centers also improve latency through a balanced workload and prevent over-provisioning.



US East

Northern Virginia




Frankfurt, Paris

United Kingdom


Asia Pacific

Sydney, Tokyo

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Ensure Security of Your Backups

We understand how critical your data’s security and privacy and we’re fanatical about security. Here is a snapshot of our stringent security creds:

Stay Secure with Encrypted, Immutable Backups on Amazon AWS: We provide gold-standard AES 256 bit encryption via Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud services platform, for your data at-rest. Transmitted data is encrypted and secured using SSL (HTTPS).This is in compliance with regulatory laws and reduces the chance and impact of a data breach.

Get Assured Recoverability with Unlimited Retention and Immutable Backups: Article 32 of the GDPR says that whoever is responsible for the data must be able to “restore and access the personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident”. CloudAlly assures recoverability from any point-in-time with unlimited retention and unlimited point-in-time recovery.

Mitigate Breaches with Secure Authentication: We provide secure authentication support with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), OAuth, SAML authentication via Okta, and IP Allow/Deny lists.

Stay Audit-ready with Certified and Compliant SaaS Backup: Our solutions are stringently secure and meet the compliance checkboxes– ISO 27001 certified, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant, with 99.9% Uptime / Availability SLA.