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What’s the Best SaaS Backup Solution? An Objective Checklist

best saas backup solution checklist
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SaaS (Software as a Service) adoption has been swift and unrelenting, making it almost ubiquitous. 99% of companies use at least one SaaS solution. However, the magic of SaaS – its computing speed, flawless scalability, accessibility, and most importantly its hands-off approach where the vendor takes care of everything – has led to some misconceptions. Amongst them is the misconception that securing SaaS data is the vendor’s responsibility. This, in addition to increasing malware attacks and data breaches, has resulted in widespread SaaS data loss affecting more than a third of all companies. An easy and reliable solution to SaaS data loss? SaaS backup itself, which harnesses the same power of SaaS – high-speed computing, easy access, pay-as-you-go/grow, to protect your valuable SaaS data. In this blog, we examine SaaS backup in detail and expand on must-have criteria for you to select the best SaaS backup solution for your business.

best saas backup solution checklist

What is SaaS Backup?

SaaS backup is a third-party backup solution for backing up data from SaaS platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce. SaaS backup solutions are often used by organizations to supplement the native archival capabilities of the SaaS platform or to provide an additional layer of protection. SaaS backup solutions typically offer a variety of features such as the ability to restore individual files or emails, granular control over retention policies, and integration with third-party data archival solutions. In addition, SaaS backup solutions often provide the ability to monitor and report on the health of the backup environment.

Why Do You Need SaaS Backup?

There are many reasons why you might lose data stored in a SaaS application. Ransomware and malware attacks have become increasingly common, and even accidental deletion or synchronization issues can result in data loss. Without a proper backup solution in place, recovering from these issues can be difficult or even impossible.

Native backup and recovery solutions for SaaS applications are often tedious and time-bound, with no unlimited point-in-time recovery and no ransomware or malware recovery. This can lead to lengthy downtime and recovery times, which can have a negative impact on business continuity. ESG reported that 81% of companies have lost Office 365 data and only 15% of them could recover their lost data without third-party backup.

A proper SaaS backup solution c