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MSP/CSP: Sell SaaS Backup with the Downtime Calculator
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Increase ROI, grow your business, and add proven business value for your customers. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) sweet spot! We have previously detailed why MSPs need to add SaaS cloud-to-cloud backup to help grow their MSP business, and minimize their customer’s data loss costs. Here we add to the solid reasons why SaaS backup is an MSP must-have with an unarguable defense – the tangible cost of downtime. MSPs can sell SaaS backup to their customers with the downtime calculator, by showcasing the spiraling damages to the customer’s business.

How Does SaaS Backup Help to Grow Your MSP Business?

Organizations expect their MSPs to provide them with comprehensive management of a suite of cloud services at an optimal cost. With customers increasingly moving to SaaS platforms such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, and others, SaaS data protection is a critical business priority. With the widescale adoption of remote work, this is all the more true. The verdict amongst cloud-centric MSPs is that cloud adoption to enable the remote workforce is here to stay. Valuable SaaS data can be lost to malware, hackers, downtime, sync errors, human error, and/or malicious intent. Capitalizing on this, by meeting your customer’s SaaS data protection requirements can open new business avenues offering significant ROI.

How Can You Minimize Your Customer’s Data Loss Costs With SaaS Backup?

Businesses the world over may have slowed with COVID, but hackers certainly haven’t. Breaches continue to rise in terms of number, frequency, and cost. The average breach costs  $3.92 million and takes 197 days to detect. SaaS backup speeds up data recovery which improves the  Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) which in effect speeds up disaster recovery. This can help your customer reduce the costs of data loss and minimize the business downtime consequences of data loss. Below is a downtime calculator to conclusively demonstrate the cost of downtime to your customers.

Sell SaaS Backup With The Downtime Calculator

At CloudAlly we have been partnering with MSPs as they complete their suite of SaaS offerings with essential backup and recovery services. A convincing case to sell SaaS backup to their customers is demonstrating how damaging and unaffordable downtime is to a customer’s business. After all, one can’t argue with numbers. Below is our Downtime Calculator. Share it with your customer for a compelling case on why backup is not only nice-to-have, but a must-have!

Total Cost of Downtime

Employee Productivity Cost

Annual Gross Revenue

Number of Employees

System Recovery Cost

Total Hours the System is Down

Total Labor Hours for Full Recovery

Labor Rate per Hour for Recovery Services

Average Revenue per Employee

Productivity Loss per Hour

Total System Recovery Cost

Downtime Cost per Day

Downtime Cost per Hour

Downtime Cost per Minute

Partner with CloudAlly as we assist you with convincing marketing collateral, solid data points,and persuasive pre-sales content to sell SaaS backup to your customers. This apart from custom discounts for bundles, high-volume/multi-year packages, high ROI with bundled services, and exceptional customer service.

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