How to Backup and Recover G Suite Gmail Contacts?
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An employee comes to you in distress. While syncing all the company accounts and important groups with an application on their smartphone, all the Gmail accounts have disappeared from their phone. Or they’ve mistakenly deleted an important contact group. How can you recover Gmail contacts?

Below are two ways to recover Gmail Contacts:

Recover Gmail contacts: The Native Way

If you do not have G Suite backup, your recovery options are time-bound.

  • You can restore Contacts only up to 30 days prior.
  • Ask the user to sign in to their G Suite account.
  • Go to the G Suite Contacts app and select Undo changes in the top right corner
  • Select the date and time that the user needs to roll back to. That is, the date before the contacts were deleted.

Unlike Gmail and documents from Drive, there are no additional recovery options for Admins.

Recover Gmail contacts: Backup Gmail Contacts and Recover them with CloudAlly

If you have secured your G Suite data with CloudAlly’s G Suite backup, recovery is a few clicks and minutes away. With CloudAlly’s backup for G Suite, you get end-to-end, automated backup of all G Suite data – Gmail, Team Drives, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Metadata backup. What’s more, CloudAlly’s G Suite backup comes with unlimited storage and unlimited retention – so don’t fear any recovery deadline, because there isn’t. Recover G Suite contacts, email, documents, calendar events, and tasks from any point-in-time with helpful time and date snapshots.

Video demo: Recover Gmail contacts

Here is a demo video to recover Gmail contacts the easy way with CloudAlly: