How to Backup and Restore Deleted Google Sites

backup and restore deleted google sites

Google Sites are your organization’s intranet platform. Accidental deletion or corruption of Google Sites can hamper communication and collaboration mechanisms. Here are pointers to restore deleted/corrupted Google Sites and to simplify recovery with backup of Google Sites

How to Recover Deleted Google Calendar Events

recover deleted google calendar

Mistakenly deleted an important Google Calendar event? Unsubscribed a critical calendar? Sync error or an outage got you without calendar visibility? Here are pointers to restore deleted Google Calendar events

How to Restore Gmail – Recovery Made Easy

Restore Gmail: Gmail recovery

We know! Few misfortunes come close to losing important emails from your Gmail account. What should you, as the G Suite admin, do when you get the frantic call from your colleagues or senior management asking you to recover a mistakenly deleted email(s) at any cost. What are your options for Gmail recovery?