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You’re Invited! MSP Global 2023: Star line-up, path-breaking sessions, freebies & more

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You’re invited to MSP Global 2023. Apart from it being the ultimate service provider and digital enablement event, it has a star-lineup of speakers including Sanna Marin and Sir Bob Geldof. Enough said! We’d have ended the blog here, except that we’d like to share a bit more about the event, speakers, and opportunities for MSPs worldwide. Read on for the whole scoop on MSP Global and how you can max your value from the event.

What is MSP Global?

MSP Global event is the perfect opportunity for professionals in our industry to meet, connect, and explore new partnership opportunities. With numerous compelling presentations, essential workshops, and exciting networking events, this festival can be a transformative experience for your business.

What’s up in MSP Global 2023: Star-lineup of Speakers

MSP Global 2023 includes 2,500+ participants, 100+ speakers and 50+ partners spanning 75+ countries. Let’s take a look at a few of the high-power wattage speakers:

  1. Sanna Marin presents “Moving quickly, making history.” And who would know better than Marin – the youngest (and coolest…by far) Prime minister in the world.
  2. Sir Bob Geldof  will share his insights on “Where Business Meets Passion.” drawing on his extensive experience running successful businesses without compromising on your passion and beliefs.
  3. Martin Tomczyk and Norbert Haug are part of a panel discussing the aptly titled, “Chasing the Fastest Lap: From the Pit Lane to the Boardroom.” Who better to share pointers on than a German pro racing and the Head of Motorsport at Mercedes-Benz.
  4. Sven Rous from OpenText Cybersecurity (our parent company) will also present on “How Can Vendor Consolidation Make Your Business More Efficient?”

Maximize your Value from MSP Global:

Here are some pro-tips to maximize your value from MSP Global 2023.

First off, the invitation’s on us. Register on https://mspglobal.com/ using this complimentary code QvKs9nKe  (a savings of €399). Apart from that MSP Global also throws in a bunch of goodies such as:

  • Entrance to the main stages, exhibition hall, and breakout sessions
  • Catering, including lunch and coffee breaks
  • Access to top-level social events each night, including the industry-famous ConneXion Party
  • Event bag with MSP GLOBAL documentation
  • Free shuttle from Frankfurt Airport to the Nürburgring and back

If you haven’t registered for MSP GLOBAL, don’t wait – register now and fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride with legends aplenty

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