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Minimize Your Customer’s Data Loss Costs With MSP SaaS Backup Solutions

MSPs can increase their revenue and help minimize the financial impact of data loss on their customer's business with MSP SaaS backup solutions
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MSP SaaS Backup Solutions

Many SaaS users think that they don’t need to worry about backup for their data because it’s safe in the cloud. However, MSPs know that SaaS applications are as susceptible to data loss as on-premises apps. This is not because the cloud is unreliable. It’s because humans cause errors: they delete things accidentally, open phishing emails, download malware unwittingly, and even delete data maliciously. Not having reliable MSP SaaS backup solutions in place could turn out to be a very costly mistake.

In this article, we discuss the range and scale of the financial impact that a lack of MSP SaaS backup can cause:

The Current State of the Data Breach: Numbers and Costs Continue to Rise

The cost of a data breach averages a stunning $3.92 million. That figure is breath-taking enough, but when you take into account the growing prevalence of data breaches, it’s enough to really make you lose sleep: More than 10,000 data breaches have been reported publicly since 2005, with 2019 seeing a return to a pattern of rising numbers of breaches and an increase in the volume of records compromised. Verizon’s Data Breach Report also highlighted that attacks on cloud-based assets were increasing.

With the recent focus on remote working for MSP businesses during the lockdown and the accompanying difficulty of ensuring data security, those figures are likely to explode.

Cost and Business Impact of Data Loss

The effects of a data breach can be mitigated by having an efficient Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (BCDR) plan in place. A good BCDR plan will maintain mission-critical services and get your operations up and running as quickly as possible after a breach.

Having a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery is all very well, but even the shortest downtime will cost your organization dearly. The average hourly cost of critical server outages is more than $5 million for some businesses, with one-quarter of those surveyed globally in 2019 revealing their average hourly downtime cost to be between $301,000 and $400,000. (Get an idea of how expensive downtime is with our Downtime Calculator). Ultimately, the longer your systems remain down as you recover from a data loss, the more it will cost you. An optimal Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can help your customer’s business blunt the financial impact and business downtime repercussions of data loss. The ideal solution to ensure your customer’s business recovers quickly in the event of a security breach is to implement robust third-party SaaS backup and recovery.

How MSP SaaS Backup Solutions Can Minimize the Impact and Cost of Data Loss 

The SaaS platforms themselves point out that native solutions such as the Recycle Bin are not designed for data recovery and advise customers to back up their content and data using third-party apps and services. In their terms and conditions, SaaS services including G Suite (Google Apps), Office 365, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, Dropbox, and Salesforce highlight the fact that they are a service provider, so the customer is solely responsible for ownership of data in their service. These leading SaaS solutions may be secure, but they won’t save the customer from the errors they make themselves.

Apart from the unparalleled peace of mind that they offer, MSP SaaS backup solutions help minimize the financial impact of a data loss and facilitate business continuity in the following ways:

Harness the Power of SaaS

MSP SaaS backup solutions are cheaper and more reliable than on-premises backup. SaaS backup incorporates all costs in one package, so there are no hidden surprises. On-premises backup solutions may appear to cost slightly less than SaaS cloud backup, but once you factor in the add-on costs, the price mounts pretty swiftly. These extras can include:

    1. Additional hardware
    2. Time and effort involved in implementation
    3. Expense of upgrades
    4. Electricity costs
    5. Third-party consultants
    6. Network bandwidth
    7. Adding storage to servers and load balancers

Reduce Data Loss Costs with Faster Data Recovery

MSP SaaS backup solutions accelerate disaster recovery with quick data recovery. You can minimize downtime for your customer in the event of a data breach and improve business continuity. Point-in-time recovery by SaaS backup solutions offers exceptional peace of mind for organizations where business continuity is pivotal. You need to get back up and running as quickly as possible, so you can’t waste time using native archival processes to search and find your critical files. Point-in-time recovery allows you to restore your file to its original location and information in mere minutes.

Differentiate with exceptional Customer Support

Save time and money with multi-channel, always-on customer experience. MSPs are increasingly important for facilitating and maintaining digital transformation in organizations, and the best ones differentiate themselves by prioritizing customer service. With a top-rated SaaS backup solution, you can expect round-the-clock customer support both pre- and post-sale, with a practical, human response to your query within half an hour. Multi-channel support via call, email, chat, or customer portal ticket means your issues are resolved quickly by responsive, dedicated, expert support staff.

Facilitate Audit-Readiness for Your Customers

MSP SaaS backup solutions also offer significant benefits in the areas of auditing and compliance. Every industry is governed by regulations on how information and data are managed, particularly in relation to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information security data. Failure to comply with these regulations can carry serious legal consequences.

For example, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs how companies, governments, and other entities can process the personal data of citizens who are EU citizens or residents. Another regulation you may need to be aware of is the Health Insurance Portability Privacy Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, which sets standards in the United States to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. Failure to comply with these regulations can carry serious legal consequences. If you use SaaS applications, you need a robust solution for backing up the mission-critical data you store within them or you risk non-compliance. Furthermore, if an auditor’s report identifies areas of concern around your SaaS data backup, addressing those issues can divert valuable internal resources for weeks. And if you are found to be non-compliant, you can face hefty fines.

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MSP SaaS Backup Solutions

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