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MSPs Grow Your Business With Great Customer Service

Watch a video on how MSPs can harness great customer service from their backup partners. And use it as a competitive differentiator to grow their business.
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While we all agree that the customer is the king/queen – do we capitalize on it? One way is to harness Customer Support as a business driver as opposed to a perfunctory department. This is all the more true for MSPs who battle for ground in a fiercely competitive market. How can MSPs grow their business with SaaS backup and great customer service?

How Can MSPs Grow Their Business With Great Customer Support?

Customer Service can be THE differentiating factor the MSP is searching for. Customer service helps to pull new customers 70% of customers say great customer service is a key USP. Customer service helps to engage premium customers 17% more to do business with firms with great reputations when it comes to customer service. Customer service helps to retain customers – 73% of customers peg good customer service as the reason why they stick with a brand. Need another reason? Attracting a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than retaining a current one. 

MSPs Partner With Companies That Value Customer Service

With a suite of SaaS products, your organization’s Customer Support team is already over-worked. Which is why it is essential to partner with companies that offer their own Customer Support. And great Customer Support, at that. One that values your customer as much as you do. Partners or vendors with sub-par Customer Service can leave your customer dissatisfied not just with them, but with you. Your customers view the vendor as a part of your organization, and bad customer service can affect your reputation and customer base.

Partnering with services like SaaS Backup can grow your MSP business while minimizing your customer’s data loss costs. Read our free ebook on Why Enterprises Need SaaS Backup. However, with data protection being such a critical service, it is important to partner with a backup vendor that offers responsive and knowledgeable customer service. So your customers are guaranteed a fast and easy solution to their data protection issues, without additional strain to your resources.

Partner With CloudAlly and Grow Your MSP Business 

We at CloudAlly are driven by delighting our customers and our Customer Support reflects that. As the Director of Customer Support at CloudAlly, 

  • Always on 365x24x7 – We’re committed to being your data protection partners
  • Multi-channel – Phone, Chat, Email, Ticket, and a dedicated Customer Hub
  • Highly responsive – You can be assured of a response in a couple of hours
  • Real People – IVR can only help you to a limited extent. Which is why we have real data protection experts – Adilya, Adi, Bulat, Alice, Alina, Ariela, and others to help you.
  • Knowledge Base – An exhaustive KB with video tutorials, how-to articles, blogs, and user guides.

What’s more – we offer an accelerated Partner Program join it for exclusive partner discounts, commissions, and bundled services. And you don’t only get an awesome Partner Program and great Customer Support, but stringently secure comprehensive SaaS backup for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, and G Suite. Did we miss adding that our backup includes unlimited storage and unlimited retention with intelligent recovery from any point-in-time? Because we want our partners to get optimal ROI from their SaaS backup service.

Hear it From The Customer’s Mouth! Exceptional Customer Service for MSP Backup

Watch this short video to see how one of our customers Nimrod Kleinman benefited from CloudAlly’s exceptional customer service


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