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How Can MSPs Increase Profits With SaaS Backup?

How can MSPs weather the Great Lockdown recession and increase their profits? By securing their customer's data with MSP SaaS backup.
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The  IMF predicts that the Great Lockdown will be the “worst recession in this century”. Global growth will decline by a dramatic 3% this year.
To put it in perspective, global growth only fell by 0.1% during the devastating financial crisis of 2009. So how can MSPs weather the storm and increase their profits? By addressing the pain points the Covid-19 recession (it’s official!) creates for customers. A key one being data protection.

What’s At Stake? Your Customer’s SaaS Data

With organizations shifting their workforce en masse to remote, SaaS adoption has seen a sharp increase. Business-critical data and workflows are being shifted to cloud platforms to facilitate remote collaboration. SaaS solutions like Verizon’s Data Breach Report also reported an increase in malware attacks on cloud-based assets.
Your customer’s data is at particular risk due to remote workforce vulnerabilities, and mitigating those risks can open new business avenues for MSPs. This means that you can Grow your MSP business and increase profits, all while securing your customer’s SaaS data.

Why Do MSPs Need SaaS Backup?

Partnering with services like SaaS Backup can complete your SaaS suite. Thus opening new business avenues while minimizing your customer’s data loss costs

1. Your Customer’s SaaS Data Is Susceptible to Data Loss

Your Customer’s SaaS data on Microsoft 365 (Office365), G Suite, Salesforce, Sharepoint and OneDrive, Dropbox, Box is vulnerable to data loss due to malware, human error, malicious intent, hacking, sync errors, and downtime.
Native workarounds are tedious and time-bound. So much so that the SaaS platforms themselves recommend third-party SaaS backup. For more, read our free ebook on Why Enterprises Need SaaS Backup.

2. Remote Work Expands Security Vulnerabilities 

Sensitive and valuable data is accessed on unsecured devices, over unsecured networks by employees who have their cybersecurity guard down. The remote workforce introduces security vulnerabilities and heightens the risk of data loss due to social engineering scams

3. Customers Will Blame YOU For Data Loss

Customers will put the onus of data loss on their MSP, even if the fault isn’t yours. That’s because they have put their trust and valuable data in your hands. At the stressful moment when data breaches strike your customers and they reach out to you to recover their data, you don’t want to say, “It’s not my problem, can’t help you.”

4. Eliminate Data Loss With Backup

So what’s the surefire way to restore your customer’s deleted or corrupted data? SaaS backup that’s secure with automated backup and easy recovery. With unlimited point-in-time recovery, you can quickly restore data, completely eliminating the risk of data loss.

5. Increase Profits and ROI With Backup

A proven and comprehensive backup solution also comes with features such as exporting to your own storage to save on license costs for inactive accounts, as well as on-boarding/off-boarding options.
However, the biggest ROI it can offer is the tremendous savings SaaS backup brings in terms of optimal disaster recovery. Quick and accurate data recovery has a direct impact on improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), enabling you to recover quickly from disasters, ensure business continuity, and lessen the impact of malware, ransomware, outages, et al.

Partner With CloudAlly: Secure Your Customer’s Data and Increase Your Profits With SaaS Backup

CloudAlly pioneered SaaS backup a decade ago. Thus you can be sure that our products are robust and proven. Our award-winning and top-rated solutions provide automated backup and easy two-click recovery. We’re stringently secure and comprehensively backup Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, and G Suite. Partner with CloudAlly to protect your customer’s SaaS data while increasing your profits with backup (and our awesome Partner Program). We at CloudAlly are driven by delighting our Partners. Here are some of our features tailored for MSPs:

  • Increase Profits with an Optimal Partner Program Join our Partner Program for exclusive partner discounts, commissions, and bundled services.
  • Always on 365x24x7, multi-channel, responsive Customer Support  – Great Customer Service is an MSP differentiator. Count on CloudAlly to always be your data protection allies.
  • Save on costs and effort with unlimited AWS cloud storageOn-premises backup providers come with hidden baggage of increased infrastructure costs, storage expenses, maintenance overhead, and support hassles. SaaS backup by CloudAlly includes unlimited storage and unlimited retention with intelligent recovery from any point-in-time. It beats on-premises backup any day in terms of cost, maintenance effort, recoverability, and security.

Hear it From The Partner’s Mouth!

Watch this short video where our MSP Partner, Nimrod Kleinman, details the benefits of CloudAlly’s Partner Program

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