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How to Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive ?

If your organization uses G Suite, all business-critical documents are stored on Google Drive/Team Drive. How can you quickly recover deleted or corrupted Google Drive files and minimize the damage of data loss? Here are pointers to recover deleted Google Drive / Team Drive files.
How to Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive | CloudAlly
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New call-to-actionYour organization’s document repository and information vault are undoubtedly Google Drive. With the addition of Team Drive’s collaborative mechanisms, it was further upgraded to being the bedrock of business workflows and communication. Employees across the board use Google Drive and Team Drive to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. Now, an important shared spreadsheet is mistakenly deleted. Or a disgruntled employee moves a business-critical document to Trash. How can you quickly recover deleted or corrupted Google Drive files and minimize the damage of data loss? Here are pointers for Google Drive backup and recovery.

The Native Way to Recover Deleted Google Drive / Team Drive Files

If you do not have G Suite backup, your recovery options are restricted based on the time taken to detect the data loss.

Recover files that have just been deleted

To recover items that have been deleted a couple of minutes before. (The emphasis being on a couple of minutes)

  • Click the “Undo” bubble tip at the bottom left of the screen.

Undo delete

Recover files that have been deleted 30 days prior

  • Go to “Trash”
  • Search for the deleted file, right-click it, and select Restore
  • You can restore Google Drive / Team Drive files only up to 25 days prior.

Recover Google Drive / Team Drive files from Trash

Recover “orphaned” files

Consider a folder that you share with others that contains files that you’ve created within it. And then someone deletes the parent folder. Or you’ve created a file in a folder shared with you – and the folder is then deleted. Relax, your file isn’t deleted but orphaned. Without its parent folders it is incredibly difficult to find.

Google offers some great tips to recover orphaned files. A central way is to navigate to the Drive search field, and type is:unorganized owner:me

The Easy Way: Backup and Recovery Google Drive / Team Drive With CloudAlly

If you have protected your G Suite data with CloudAlly’s G Suite backup, you can recover your Google Drive / Team Drive files from any point in time. Our G Suite backup provides automated backup of Gmail, Sites, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Metadata, apart from Google Drive/Team Drive. As our backup service includes unlimited storage on Amazon AWS servers, you can recover files from any point-in-time with unlimited retention.

Google Drive / Team Drive Recovery Video Demos

Watch how quickly you can recover Google Drive files with CloudAlly:

Recover Team Drive files with a few clicks:

Flexible Google Drive / Team Drive Recovery Options

CloudAlly’s Backup for G Suite enables flexible recovery options:

Recover easily from any point-in-time with Historical Snapshots

Recover Google Drive / Team Drive files with CloudAlly: From any point-in-time

Recover at any hierarchical level with Advanced Search and Filter

Recover Google Drive / Team Drive files with CloudAlly: From any granular level

Recover/Export to your own storage

Export Google Drive / Team Drive files to your own storage

Your Business-Critical Files Deserve Protection From Data Loss. Backup G Suite Now!

With the increasing adoption of SaaS platforms, its popularity (read: vulnerability) is not lost on hackers and malware producers. All that business-critical G Suite data is susceptible to data loss due to malware, hackers, human error, sync error, and/or malicious intent. Read our free ebook on Why SaaS Needs Backup.

The average time to detect a data breach as per IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report is 206 days. By then your data is well and truly permanently deleted from Trash. Gone forever. Backup is the only way to recover data easily and ensure quick disaster recovery and seamless business continuity.

CloudAlly understands SaaS backup inside out, as we pioneered it almost a decade ago. Our backup solutions are proven, mature, and robustly secure. CloudAlly’s G Suite backup comprehensively protects Drive (and Team Drive), GmailContactsClassic SitesCalendar, and Tasks. Backup your G Suite data with CloudAlly and eliminate the fear of data loss.

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