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CloudAlly Salesforce Backup Solution Review By SalesforceBen

How do you pick a Salesforce backup solution that best protects your data? Watch this Salesforce Backup Solution Review by SalesforceBen of CloudAlly Salesforce Backup
Salesforce Backup Solution Review | CloudAlly
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In a recent survey by TechTarget, 35% of respondents said they rely solely on their SaaS vendor to protect their data. This is despite the fact that SaaS vendors cannot protect customers from data loss at their end and they make it clear that we have a “shared responsibility” for our data. Even though Salesforce restarted its Data Recovery Service (that it retired last year), it firmly advocates the use of third-party SaaS backup solutions to protect Salesforce data from inadvertent data loss. Question is – which Salesforce Backup solution should you select to protect your Salesforce data? In this video blog, Lucy Mazalon from the team behind the largest independent Salesforce blog in the world, – reviews CloudAlly Backup for Salesforce. Lucy is a Pardot certified and six times certified Salesforce Consultant. Below is their CloudAlly Salesforce Backup solution video review

CloudAlly Salesforce Backup Solution Review

Further details? Here is SalesforceBen’s detailed CloudAlly Salesforce Backup review.

“Simple, Secure, Reliable Data Backup for Salesforce”

Josh Alexander, the Head of Platform Strategy at Salesforce, blogs, “The Salesforce AppExchange is home to a rich partner ecosystem that provides robust backup and restore solutions for customers today. These partner solutions go beyond the capabilities included in (Salesforce’s) Weekly Data Export and Data Recovery Service, driving more trust and extending the value of the Salesforce Platform”. As you choose a dependable Salesforce Backup solution to secure your valuable Salesforce data, trust the solution that Salesforce experts call “Simple, Secure, and Reliable”. As Salesforce backup and recovery should be. CloudAlly pioneered Salesforce backup a decade ago and consequently, our Salesforce backup solution is thoroughly tested, proven, and robust. Try it out yourself – 14-day Free Trial | 5-min Setup (honest!) | No credit card required |

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