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7 Ways to Save on Microsoft Office 365 License Costs
how to save on Microsoft office 365 licenses
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Microsoft 365 with its phenomenal collaboration tools and seamless accessibility provides a profitable ROI. However, with the recent increase in the pricing of Microsoft 365 and “hidden costs” associated with data storage upgrades and add-on tools, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can far exceed the original forecast. In this blog, tailored for admins, CSOs, MSPs, and business owners looking for ways to bring down the cost of Microsoft 365, we detail seven cost saving measures. Implement these proven pointers to reduce your Microsoft Office 365 license costs and increase your ROI..

How to Save on Microsoft (Office) 365 License Costs?

#1 Opt for Annual Billing

Opting for annual billing can be an excellent strategy to cut down on your Microsoft 365 license costs. Microsoft often provides significant discounts for customers who choose annual