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7 Tips to Become “OneDrive for Business” Power User

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Essential Tips for Mastering OneDrive for Business

We love OneDrive for Business.

Why? Simply because it enables us to work smarter and more effectively. OneDrive for Business helps us collaborate and manage the influx of data with ease.

However, we have encountered several clients who do not use it to its full potential. They have never explored the vast amount of capabilities offered by OneDrive for Business. So they do not use the capabilities that administrators can share with end users or implement to help boost adoption and create power users.

So, if you are an administrator or just a user, here are our top seven tips on how you can leverage OneDrive for Business to increase work productivity. Learn more about: OneDrive Backup.

What this article is about:

Download OneDrive for Business Sync App to Work Offline

When you have internet connectivity, you can save, store and share data as well as do more things with OneDrive for Business. But, what if there is no internet connectivity?

Most businesses think there is no alternate option and stand idle, but that is not true. OneDrive for Business offers the sync app to help you work offline in similar the way that you perform your job online.  You can sync up to 20,000+ files and folders in your OneDrive for Business library.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can work offline:

  • Step 1: Download the OneDrive for Business sync app.
  • Step 2: Log in to Office 365 and navigate to OneDrive.
  • Step 3: Locate the library you would like to access offline and press sync.

That’s it!

Also, if you accidentally initiate the syncing of your OneDrive for Business or encounter a low bandwidth issue, you can easily stop or pause your OneDrive for Business from syncing.

Get Organizational Insights with Office Delve

Microsoft launched Office Delve to simplify team collaboration which helps you observe what your team members are working on across Office 365. Delve also comes with OneDrive for Business integration feature to help you search and share documents easily; offers the benefits of both the project management tool and social networking in one place. It helps you search for information and people as well as share and group documents.

According to Microsoft, the technology behind Office Delve is Office graph which maps the relationships between content and people. D