Top-rated SaaS Backup by GetApp, Capterra, and G2

Top-rated cloud backup

We pioneered SaaS backup almost a decade ago, but our ethos remains the same – to be your ally in the cloud. We’re passionate about protecting your business-critical data. Which is why we’re thrilled when our passion is validated and recognized by our dear customers. As we near EOY 2020, we thought we’d share the […]

Microsoft Office 365 Is Down! Recover From Outages With Backup

We woke up to global shockwaves. Microsoft Office 365 has been experiencing an outage for 18 hours and counting. If you’re an Office 365 admin and are not hyperventilating, we trust it is because you have #saasbackup. But, why backup SaaS? Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t need backup! Well, only if you want seamless data recovery […]

Switch to #BetterBackup: Migrate to CloudAlly

Migrate to CloudAlly Reduce Backup Costs

Is your current backup giving you the best bang for your buck? Migrate to CloudAlly, the proven pioneers of enterprise SaaS backup and we’ll sweeten the move. Free backup for the transition period – for a limited time!

Types of Backup: SaaS Backup vs On-Premises Backup

SaaS backup vs on-premises backup

Understanding the ways your data is backed up by third-party solutions is of critical importance. Namely, because a breach of your backup means a breach of your organization. Attackers have recognized this vulnerability. A couple of months ago, ransomware attackers breached the credentials of the on-premises backup storage thus giving them full access to the […]

The Analysis of a Visual Brand Refresh

CloudAlly's Visual Brand Refresh

Time for a Makeover? That feeling when your look and your identity need to get synced up. To stay relevant and authentic, every organization has to reassess its brand elements – infusing the vision of tomorrow while staying true to its core identity. Here’s a walkthrough of CloudAlly’s visual refresh – updating our visual brand […]

Three Checks for Enterprise SaaS Backup

Three Checks for Enterprise SaaS Backup

Organizations are increasingly becoming more cyber secure and recognizing the need for backup to protect their SaaS data from loss due to errors, malware, and outages. However, the demands and needs of an enterprise from a backup solution, are not limited to mere data backup and recovery. Backup optimized for the enterprise needs to fit […]

Announcing CloudAlly’s New 2019 Logo

CloudAlly’s New 2019 Logo

Coming up to year 2020, our visual brand identity required an update in order to represent our product positioning, business segment, and value proposition, in-line with our product development in the past 8+ years. But first and foremost, the new logo has to reflect our innovative technological backup solution. We begun as a small company […]

Backup Unlicensed Microsoft 365 (Office 365) accounts with CloudAlly

Backup Unlicensed Office 365 Accounts

Are you maintaining inactive Microsoft 365 (Office 365) licenses to avoid losing data? Is the cost of maintaining licenses to adhere to data retention policies rising as your organization scales? Paying for inactive Office 365 licenses to prevent loss of data during employee onboarding/offboarding can eat into your budget, with no measurable ROI.  Explore ways […]