The Analysis of A Visual Brand Refresh

CloudAlly's Visual Brand Refresh

Time for a Makeover? That feeling when your look and your identity need to get synced up. To stay relevant and authentic, every organization has to reassess its brand elements – infusing the vision of tomorrow while staying true to its core identity. Here’s a walkthrough of CloudAlly’s visual refresh – updating our visual brand […]

Remote Workforce Security in the Shadow of Coronavirus

Remote Workforce Security in the Shadow of Coronavirus

Telecommuting is emerging as the best protection from Coronavirus (apart from the 20-second hand wash). If your organization has switched to remote working, you’re in good company; all major organizations globally – Apple, the US Government, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google – have en masse advised their workforce to telework. This has triggered the largest-scale […]

Three Checks for Enterprise SaaS Backup

Enterprise SaaS Backup

Organizations are increasingly becoming more cyber secure and recognizing the need for backup to protect their SaaS data from loss due to errors, malware, and outages. However, the demands and needs of an enterprise from a backup solution, are not limited to mere data backup and recovery. Backup optimized for the enterprise needs to fit […]

Backup Unlicensed Office 365 Accounts with CloudAlly

Backup Unlicensed Office 365 Accounts

Are you maintaining inactive Office 365 licenses to avoid losing data? Is the cost of maintaining licenses to adhere to data retention policies rising as your organization scales? Paying for inactive Office 365 licenses to prevent loss of data during employee onboarding/offboarding can eat into your budget, with no measurable ROI.  Explore ways to backup […]

Social Engineering: 2020s Top Cybersecurity Threat

social engineering attacks

Social Engineering attacks are the most potent cybersecurity threats plaguing enterprises. They owe their power to their innovative undetectability. Forbes puts social engineering as a top cybersecurity threat for 2020. 98% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering. How can an organization protect itself from an insider threat? We explore the what, why and how […]

How Can You Recover Deleted OneDrive Files?

Recover Deleted OneDrive Files

Recover Deleted OneDrive Files OneDrive for Business is at the heart of Office 365. It is one of the most popular file-sharing apps, providing organizations with a secure SaaS collaboration platform to store, share, and work on various document types. With so much business-critical information on OneDrive, an accidental/malicious deletion or corruption would be disastrous, […]

How to Restore a Deleted Office 365 Group using PowerShell?

how to Restore a Deleted Office 365 Group using PowerShell ?

By Eddie Pinchasov – Product Director MS Office 365 is witnessing massive adoption – one in five corporate employees use it.  A big reason behind it is its efficient collaboration mechanisms such as Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. A rather understated, but similarly powerful collaboration tool is Groups. In fact, Groups drives all teamwork across Office 365 – groups […]