The 6 Leading Box Apps for Businesses
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Read about the most popular Box apps for your business. The aim is to check out the benefits and features of some of the top Box applications for businesses, and Cloudally box backup.

The objective of using Box apps is that these allow you to access, share and edit content effectively from the Box platform itself.

Six Best Box Apps for Businesses

  1. Box Edit

The purpose of this Box app is to allow you to edit files or documents directly from the Box by simply using the native apps that are installed on your PC or laptop.

You can open any file directly from the Box by clicking the “Open” button in the file preview page. You can then proceed to make further changes to the file and save them on the Box.

The best part about this app is that it is compatible with most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. With this Box Edit app, you can also work with a variety of file types, including spreadsheets, CAD files, presentations, images, and Word documents.

How to download Box Edit?

You can download the Box Tools installer which is accessible from the “Open” button in the file preview. Alternatively, you can get the Box Edit desktop app (for Mac or Windows) at

  1. Box Capture

This is a Box mobile app for iOS devices that can used with your iPhone or iPad. It helps you establish a connection between the content (documents, images or videos) that your company’s workers may capture in the field and the business processes.

The important field content can be uploaded directly to your Box account so it can be shared with the teams in real time.

You can get comments from and even tag particular employees for whom the content may be important. In this way, a lot of time is saved as sharing is done in real time. This app can be useful across various business sectors.

For example, if you have a retail company, you can use the Box Capture app to send inventory statuses remotely during audits. Or, if you are part of a healthcare business, you can use this app to share patient images with other providers, while maintaining the HIPAA compliance.

  1. Box FTP Server

Why do you need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server when you are using cloud storage with Box?

Well, before you can access your files on Box, you need to migrate them to Box from your legacy storage. And, FTP is a great option for uploading as well as downloading large files, folders, and so on.

This FTP support is an add-on functionality that also extends to all your known FTP clients.

To start using this app, you need to get your Box account connected with an FTP server. An important point to note before using this is that the Single Sign-on (SSO) is not supported and you will need an ext