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Serving customers all over the world we have built CloudAlly to be flexible and easily adapt features and capabilities that suits our customers’ requirements and needs. CloudAlly is Speedy Cloud Backup!

Anywhere. Many of our European customers asked us to keep their data solely in the EU. Leveraging Amazon Web Services worldwide data centers, we offer our customers the ability to select where their data will be processed and saved. For many EU customers this is the preferable way to keep their data closer and within the EU premises.

Anytime. Usually, the best time of day to run the daily backup is after working hours. For different customers around the world this implies a different timing, thus CloudAlly enable customizing the daily backup time of day. Nice example is one of our customers whose a global company that uses CloudAlly to backup its AWS DynamoDB production database. They have huge tables that serve various websites serving customers in different geographic locations. They need to customize the daily backup time per each of their tables to best match the hours this table is most idle.

Anyway. A daily backup usually match most of our customers’ requirements, however sometimes for various reasons customers prefer to run the backup once every 3 days or on a weekly basis. On the opposite, some require several cycles of backup per day in order to minimize potential damage in case of loss of specific sensitive transactions data.
By default, CloudAlly provides an unlimited archive retention enabling our customers to go back to any point back in time and view or restore their data. However, sometimes customers prefer or require us not too keep data that is older than a certain period length. Therefore we enable customers to define their own retention window, making sure that their older archives are purged automatically per their definition.

As CloudAlly aims to provide the simplest solution that satisfies customers’ backup and restore needs in the cloud, we will continue to add similar features following our customers’ wishes. If you have any ideas or requirements that we might not be aware of, please share it with us and email briefly describing your need.

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