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Ghosts of Halloween: The Organization’s Edition

In the Ghosts of Halloween. The Organization's Edition, we examine the creepiest ghouls of all - those that delete, corrupt or cut off access from data.
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As we go trick or treating this Halloween, we gasp at the cackling witches and side-step spine-chilling ghouls. But if you’re an IT admin, you know the scariest ones of all. Those knocking at your company’s door. We introduce you to a few of the Ghosts of Halloween: The Organization’s Edition. 

Ghosts of Halloween: The Organization’s Edition

Night of the Living Butterfingers

“Oops! I deleted the 2021 Rebrand Outline! Please admin recover it for me!” “Help! I think I mistakenly deleted the entire meeting series, instead of just one!” As an IT administrator, you’ve surely encountered Mr./Ms. Butterfingers. Always deleting what they shouldn’t! Human error is the top “threat action type” as per Verizon’s Data Breach Report.

The Haunting Phish

“Click here for the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine!” “Your credit card is overdrawn. Please enable auto-pay here to prevent interest charges” According to Proofpoint’s 2020 State of the Phish, 65 percent of US organizations “experienced a successful phishing attack”. With phishing attacks becoming increasingly ingenious, and more commonplace, it isn’t only the gullible that fall prey to them. It could be any one of us.

Ransom Vampires

Who doesn’t shudder at the thought of the ransomware vampires? Out to suck every last drop of data. Only to return it when you pay the ransom (and then proceed to earn double, by selling stolen credentials on the Dark Web). 

IT: The Sync Error Redux

We haven’t lost the data! It’s just stuck in data limbo. Sync errors when updating apps or devices can corrupt or delete precious data. This is particularly true for remote employees who use unsecured devices and unvetted apps.

Hellraiser: Vengeance is Mine!

A disgruntled ex-employee? A dissatisfied current employee? They hold the keys to your kingdom – your organization’s precious data. One malicious deletion or corruption can clog your business workflows, digital presence, and brand’s reputation.

A (Very) Quiet Place: The Eerie Silence of Downtime

Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Google Workspace (G Suite), and Salesforce outages do happen. Cutting access to SaaS data is akin to pulling the plug on your business. When your employees or colleagues can’t access their email, calendar, documents, or files, you rack up losses for every minute of downtime. Use the Downtime Calculator to get a fair estimate of the cost of outages.

The Nightmare on Audit Street

You’re slapped with a GDPR fine because you lost customer data due to mistaken deletion. You did not comply with Article 32 which states that you should have, “the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident”.

Exorcize Your Organization From the Ghosts of Data Loss

How do you drive away the Ghost of Data Loss? Exorcize your organization with reliable SaaS backup and recovery. 6000 organizations and 500,000 users have eliminated this spookiest Halloween Ghoul of all – data loss.

CloudAlly runs 3.5 million backups/per week to secure business-critical SaaS data with automated backup and easy recovery. Protect your valuable Microsoft 365 (nee Office 365), Google Workspace (nee G Suite), Salesforce, Box, and Dropbox data. We have customers across industry sectors and sizes – read through a sampling of our customer stories.

Collect your Halloween Treat Now!: A free, full-featured, 14-day trial.

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