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Google G Suite Drive Needs a Backup & Restore Solution

Is Google Drive’s Backup & Sync a Viable Recovery Tool?

Google apps drive backupCIOs relying on Google Apps will have to go beyond G Suite Backup & Sync to protect their employees’ data continuity.

G suite’s competitive business solution offer is the interoperability of its apps – not the feature-richness of any app. For some apps, missing niche functions can be corrected by simple add-ons. In the case of Google Drive’s new Backup & Sync, missing support for key use-cases can spell disaster for businesses caught unaware of the missing functions. Google apps drive backup, is the most essential business solution app to adopt for business in 2019.

What this article is about:

Why Effective Data Backup Isn’t As Simple As It Used To Be

The possibility of a crash for cloud-hosted data is extremely low. Like all major providers, Google replicates data across multiple data centers in order to reduce single-point-of-failure risk, thereby mitigating the effects of fire or flood damage. Their relationship with world governments also keeps their data assets insulated from seizure. However, if businesses are worried only about these disaster scenarios, it would be enough to have their data saved both on and off-cloud.

But a modern backup solution does more than replicate data on yet another external drive. In fact, the need for data recovery arises from business maneuvers more often than act-of-god crashes. Human error, structural changes, security breaches, and ransomware — all these challenges can leave a data manager with some potentially uncomfortable questions:

  • “When was the data in the state we need it?”
  • “How can we ensure the data hasn’t been tampered?”
  • “Where does the data need to be recovered to?”
  • “In what format do we need the data recovered?”

Businesses require a backup solution that can meet complex recovery scenarios.

Let’s Start With The Basics – What Can G Suite Offer In Terms Of Backup?

First, Backup & Sync is a computer-to-cloud service. This means that whether you are making changes to your files on the cloud or on your computer, Backup & Sync will retain and mirror changes into both versions.

Documents, photos, and folders of your choosing are all up for grabs with Backup & Sync. It retains a cloud copy of whatever folders you select on your local computer, and updates changes automatically. However, despite its title as a ‘Backup’ service, the fact that ‘Sync’ propagates changes across all devices means that deletions and/or hacks will be synchronized as well. “While your data is always available, it’s not necessarily safer,” Kris Hogh, an executive at Shoosh Monkey.

In some cases, one can turn to Google Vault, which is an archival service which lets enterprises set retention rules for what data to retain and allows them to search through this content if it has passed through Google’s main apps.

Chiefly, you can use Vault’s export function to restore a user’s Gmail, but you can also do full restores of a user’s Drive contents. So if an employee deletes their entire local & cl