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Microsoft 365 Is Down! Recover From Outages With Backup
Microsoft Office 365 Outage Recovery | CloudAlly

We woke up to global shockwaves. Microsoft 365 has been experiencing an outage for 18 hours and counting. If you’re an 365 admin and are not hyperventilating, we trust it is because you have #saasbackup. But, why backup SaaS? Microsoft 365 doesn’t need backup! Well, only if you want seamless data recovery when disaster strikes. And strike it does. A bumbling employee, a malicious one, a remote employee with their “cyber-guard” down. Wait, we’ve only touched upon the “Insider Threat”. We then have malware, ransomware, sync errors, and our rare, but probable – Microsoft 365 Outage.

“BUT…Microsoft 365 Does Not Need Backup!”

You are a large enterprise with a sterling IT department who has set up the most complex, befuddling Retention policies. You are an SMB who trusted the Recycle Bin. While Microsoft 365 has fantastic features, stringent security, and strong archival mechanisms – easy point-in-time restore – it does NOT have. And Microsoft doesn’t shy from stating that upfront. Microsoft understands that data is the new oil; the very backbone of our organizations. Losing access to Microsoft 365 for a few minutes is disruptive, and for a few hours, nothing short of devastating. Here is a downtime calculator to figure out the financial cost (not including the damage to your brand and customer engagement). Easy point-in-time data recovery catalyzes easy disaster recovery, thus ensuring seamless business continuity. A must to blunt the impact of outages, malware, errors, et al.

It’s not only Microsoft that advises backup for unlimited recovery of data. Other SaaS platforms like G Suite and Salesforce concur. Top analysts Gartner and Forrester call no backup “plain dangerous”. GDPR expects you to have demonstrable recoverability. Or you can wait for an Microsoft 365 outage to catch you unawares. So, if you’re in the “I don’t need backup” camp, perhaps there’s no better time than now to make the switch?

Psst! If you still need buy-in, we’ve compiled a list of solid data points. Free Ebook: Why Backup IS a must.

“PHEW!…We Have CloudAlly’s Microsoft 365 Backup!”

For those who have CloudAlly’s 365 backup, while your colleagues, bless them, are fighting fires of a whole different level, you’re sipping on your coffee. You’ve already recovered a working copy of your data, and it’s business as usual. Microsoft 365 outages notwithstanding!

Don’t Wait for the Next Microsoft 365 Outage. Backup M365 Now!

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