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OAuth Security

In this post I’d like to discuss something called OAuth (Open Authorization), an open standard that enables you to share private data between sites. Now if you’re not a technical person don’t worry, we’re not going into all the details, we just want to explain how CloudAlly uses it for the benefit of you, our customer.

Simply put, OAuth enables us to backup your Google Appsor Salesforce.com data without having to hand out your username and password. In other words, we don’t share your private credentials. Instead, CloudAlly uses a “token” (or permission) to access your Google Apps or Salesforce.com account. The token is limited to exactly what CloudAlly needs to do and doesn’t provide CloudAlly general access to your account.

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You can revoke this permission at any time and have total control over how CloudAlly and any other 3rd party services access your Google Apps or Salesforce accounts.

In addition to privacy and security, OAuth provides one more nifty feature – if you change your Google Apps or Salesforce credentials it doesn’t break CloudAlly’s access to your account since OAuth is a token, not your actual credentials. CloudAlly services will continue as usual.

And the really good news is that you don’t have to do a thing. We do it for you. The process of granting the OAuth token is done internally when you define your preferences at CloudAlly.

So if you don’t have to do anything, why did I even bother writing this? Because we want you to rest assured that CloudAlly uses the latest proven technologies in order to ensure your information remains safe, secure and totally private.

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