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The discrepancy in storage size reports: on Box.com and Dropbox com
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Many IT administrators, CIO’s, and business owners who Cloud Backup for Business file storage solutions such as Box.com, Dropbox com
are bewildered by the difference in storage size reported by these applications, and the actual storage size which is backed up.  Very often we are asked:

Box.com or Dropbox.com” So, why is there a discrepancy between the amount of storage reported by Box.com or Dropbox com , and the actual amount reported by CloudAlly ? “

The answer is that CloudAlly is a backup service, so we only take the latest changed version of a file, in backing up Box.com or Dropbox com.

This means that there is only one automatic backup a day, not a backup for every version changed on Box / Dropbox.  Although Box and Dropbox support file versioning, CloudAlly’s cloud backup for business only takes the latest version each day…

To avoid increasing storage requirements and maintain a reasonable backup cost structure that businesses can budget for, it is not necessary to back up every changed version.

Therefore, as an IT manager / System Admin, you will often see a discrepancy between the amount of storage Box and Dropbox report, and the amount which CloudAlly reports. The difference in storage size can be substantial depending on how many versions are kept and file sizes.

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