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How to Restore Google Contacts?

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Recover Google Contacts

Recover Google ContactsWay too often, our most essential Google Contacts, our virtual address book can get deleted even when we’re doing something as insignificant as syncing with a new mobile device or simply trying to merge contact information from other different sources.

We know the contact information needed is there. Then again, maybe it was in that group of contacts deleted when you were cleaning out the address book. While frustrating, losing contacts is not the end of the world. There is a simple way to restore Google contacts, back to your account.

What this article is about:

Google Has Some Recovery Features

There are a few things you can try if you catch the deletion quick enough. However, they are limited to changes made within the last 30 days.

Google backup allows you undo deletions to restore deleted Google contacts. Go to your Google Contacts and select Undo. When prompted choose the time frame in which you want to restore Google contacts. Once finished, click confirm to start the restoration.

Unfortunately, if you have added any contacts after this time, they are removed during the undo process. Once the missing contacts are restored, you can add back any new contacts that may have been removed in the process.

There is a better way to restore Google contacts without losing anything you may have added since the deletion. That is by using CloudAlly’s contact restoration feature.

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Restore Google Contacts in a Few Clicks with CloudAlly

Once you’ve activated our backup for G Suite, all your Google accounts backup service, and restoration of your lost Google contacts takes just a few mouse clicks.

Simply start by logging into your CloudAlly account and going to the Restore and Download page.

  1. Select the account in which the contacts are missing.
  2. Under the search feature, select contacts and enter the name of the contact that is missing and click Continue.
  3. Once the file is located, click on the box to select it and click Restore.
  4. If you wish to restore deleted Google contacts to a different Google account, simply enter the new email address in the box.
  5. If you wish to restore Google contacts to the original account, leave the email address box alone.
  6. When the appropriate email address is in the box, click OK.

Once restoration of the contact is complete, you will receive an automated CloudAlly email.

The non-destructive restoration will not delete any files that have been added before or after you accidentally deleted the contacts. If you have lost all contacts, it is easy to restore them from your CloudAlly account.

Video Demo

This video will give show you how simple it is to restore all your contacts or a particular contact with CloudAlly.

CloudAlly’s Google account backup starts at just $3 per month per user. Try us free for 15 days.

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