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CloudAlly Backup Service

Independent consultants, ISVs and MSPs can now offer their customers a comprehensive cloud to cloud backup and recovery solution for leading online services such as Google AppsSalesforce and AWS SimpleDB through CloudAlly’s Partner Programs for Referrals and Resellers.

Referral Partner Program

As a CloudAlly Referral Partner, you provide a valuable service to your customers by recommending a comprehensive backup and recovery service to ensure business continuity for your customer’s cloud-based applications. You receive a Referral Commission based on the first year licensing value of each referred client.

Reseller Partner Program

As a CloudAlly Reseller, you retain control of the customer relationship while taking responsibility for activating and provisioning backups, as well as customer invoicing and billing. Your CloudAlly Reseller discount provides margin based recurring revenue for the life of the client relationship.

CloudAlly Features and Benefits

CloudAlly allows system admins to activate daily backups for all Salesforce data across multiple organizations, as well as all users within all domains associated with a Google Apps account with a few simple clicks. Archives are encrypted and stored in Amazon S3 secure storage, and we provide unlimited retention of daily archives enabling customers to quickly recover data from any point in time.

Our partner program benefits include:

  • One-time referral commission or recurring margin based revenue
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • Input on system features and functional development

So do yourself and your customers a favor by joining CloudAlly’s partner program today to provide a vital backup and recovery service, while generating additional revenue for your firm.

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