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Salesforce Anomaly Detection With Proactive Data Protection

CloudAlly’s Salesforce Backup now comes with anomaly detection, notifying you of suspicious updates or deletes to your Salesforce data. So you can recover your data ASAP and mitigate the damaging consequences of data loss.
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How can you minimize the damage of a mistaken Sandbox refresh, unwanted database update, buggy code insert, bad data imports, or a mistaken deletion or updating records? By reducing the time it takes you to detect the red flag – your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – and restoring your Salesforce data ASAP. CloudAlly’s Salesforce Backup now comes with Anomaly detection that alerts you of suspicious activity – updates or deletes – to your Salesforce data.

Salesforce Anomaly Detection: Get Notified Of Suspicious Data Red Flags

CloudAlly Salesforce Backup now comes with proactive Smart Alerts with anomaly detection capabilities. Quickly get notified about anomalies and activity red flags that could indicate problems such as potential data loss. 

Watch an overview of Salesforce Anomaly Detection with Smart Alerts

Salesforce Anomaly Detection: How Can Smart Alerts Help?

  • Customize Smart Alerts to detect irregular objects changes such as addition, deletion, or updates between backup snapshots, based on your predefined threshold.
  • Get email notifications with a snapshot report of Salesforce objects changes that triggered the Smart alert. 
  • Use historical backup snapshots to quickly restore your data to any point-in-time or keyword/metadata search for granular recovery.

This feature was part of our July 2021 release. In addition, this release included the features below:

Intuitive Backup Monitoring With Activity Log Enhancements

Transparent and detailed reporting of user activity provides actionable insights to admins and eases the management of user backups. The improvements to the Activity Log provide a filterable snapshot and drill-down view of all Exports, Restores, Backups, and Compares with an option to directly download files

Watch an overview of the Activity Log Enhancements

Fine-grained Access Control

Fine-grained access control offers more nuanced and variable methods for allowing access. Thus ensuring the organization’s specific data privacy and regulatory requirements are met. This is especially pertinent as data privacy is a growing customer concern.

In addition to the fine-grained access control provided, customers can choose to turn on/off preview in snapshots and search for additional users. This ensures that data privacy safeguards are met.

access controlFor further details about Salesforce anomaly detection and activity log monitoring, read more about our July 2021 release.

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