8 Top Salesforce Backup Apps You Should Explore
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Salesforce Backup Apps – Read about 8 top apps you should definitely explore

Salesforce is a powerful tool that allows you to improve sales productivity and increase conversions, and with the AppExchange Marketplace you can extend Salesforce even further with a wide variety of 3rd party apps. Here are eight of our favorite Salesforce Backup Apps.

What this article is about:

#1 Conga Composer (Category – Sales)

This app was released by Conga in 2009 and allows you to create presentations, proposals, and other important sales documents.

It enables you to transform fields and objects data into plans, contracts, and documents. All this is done using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can use this tool to create quotes and invoices through PDF forms and emails (HTML-based) as well. To generate and distribute reports, you can integrate this app with Salesforce workflow using existing rules.

Also, you can deliver completed reports through SpringCM and Google Drive, apart from Salesforce. You may even send them in e-signatures using Sertifi, DocuSign or EchoSign. Conga Composer boosts your productivity through functions such as triggering events and scheduling solutions.

#2 FunnelSource: Modern Forecasting and Pipeline Analytics (Category – Analytics)

FunnelSource is one of the top-rated analytics applications on the AppExchange. This app was built and released in 2009 to increase sales effectiveness, and offers effective pipeline analytics to track performance.

It leads to modern and straightforward forecasting, with improved accuracy. It can help you in maximizing data integrity. You will even get the entire team together in a self-policing work environment. In the true sense, FunnelSource serves as Salesforce automation software in real-time. It automates the process, thus driving more sales and revenue.

#3 ClickTools (Category – Customer Service)

In 2006, the first survey tool got integrated with Salesforce. This tool was ClickTools. Within the Salesforce AppExchange, ClickTools is one of the most effective survey applications. ClickTools can get customer feedback through web forms, customer survey, and call scripts. This tool will get responses from the customers. Then, it integrates the responses in the CRM by providing appropriate relevancy and context. It enables you to respond to customer feedback through a personalized communication with the customers. No wonder, ClickTools is one of the most popular customer service apps in AppExchange.

#4 Apsona (Category – IT & Administration)

Apsona is a great time saver for admin tasks by making it easy to create and handle dashboards, pivot tables, charts, etc. Out of its many features, support for cross-object searches and multi-object reporting stand out.

Apsona allows you to carry out data entry tasks at a rapid pace and enables you to carry out mass updation and deletion of objects. You can also use CSV to import, export, or update objects. It also supports grid editing, and offers a calendar view for all date fields.

Apsona also makes it possible to generate documents via Word, Excel, PDF, and email merge.

#5 Accounting Seed Financial Suite (Category – Finance)

This finance app was launched in 2011. It has evolved as the only native Salesforce Backup App that combines General Ledger, ERP, and Project Accounting and let you handle cash receipts, disbursement, billing, job costing, and project profitability on one platform.

It is a complete financial solution that helps you take control of inventory, sales order management, and manufacturing capabilities. Key features include:

  • Support for construction and government contracting
  • Core financial report layouts (user-defined)
  • Non-profit fund accounting
  • Material costing to project
  • PSA management
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Deferred expense / revenue in various configurations
  • Automatic service billings through timecards
  • Hourly resource allocations per project

#6 SalesGenius (Category – Marketing)

This marketing application was released in 2006 to meet the needs of marketing. SalesGenius offers solutions for marketing automation, demand generation, and email marketing.

You can market through various online (email, social media, etc.) and offline marketing channels, and you can create automated marketing campaigns to target prospects and leads.

As soon as the prospects show any readiness to buy, SalesGenius notifies the sales reps in your team via the Genius Engagement Alerts window.

#7 JobScience (Category – Human Resources)

It is one of the top staffing and recruitment apps in the Salesforce AppExchange. It was launched in 2007, and gives a 360-degree view of your recruitment business, irrespective of the organization size. The app lets you streamline back office activities, staffing performance analytics, and lead generation. Key features include:

  • Social integration (including LinkedIn integration)
  • Parser included
  • Job board integration
  • Visual resume or CV
  • Modern Sourcing tools
  • Sales and marketing tools for staffing as well as recruitment

#8 TaskRay Project Management (Category – Collaboration)

This tool is an ideal collaboration application for your team. TaskRay enables your teams to stay organized and in sync, despite geographical boundaries.

Some of the key tasks are cloning, full chatter integration for notes and conversation, drag-and-drop actions, file sharing, etc. This app also provides complete support for Salesforce1. Some other advanced features involve repeating tasks, private projects, bulk actions, etc.


So that’s our list of top Salesforce Backup Apps, thanks for reading! Feel free to sign up for a 15-day free trial.

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