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Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool in managing documents and information. It has vast potential if it is implemented with care into its environment. Like every new version, SharePoint 2013 has its good and bad.
Before we look at the good and the less than good, we should understand what Microsoft was looking to accomplish with the new version. Microsoft was especially concerned with improving the scale so they could service large companies.

The Good…

The newest version of SharePoint 2013 has brought many improvements. Users now have the ability to share files with one another simpler fashion, and also have the ability to move files by dragging and dropping onto web pages. iOS users now have the capacity to access and edit Office Web Apps on their devices. The visuals have improved greatly by way of more flexibility around images and improved video support. SharePoint has enhanced its developer support significantly, making the usage of this utility much easier.

The less than good…

There is no longer an offline “Workspace” other than SkyDrive Pro, which only works for document access. SharePoint 2013 does not feature a search capability over documents, and the movement documents is not an easy task.
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Even with the less than good changes, SharePoint 2013 has greatly improved from its predecessors. Remember that when you use CloudAlly services, you can be sure that your SharePoint 2013 will be protected. Visit CloudAlly for more information and to sign-up for a 15-day free trial.

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