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Unboxing Our Spring Release

Spring Release Updates CloudAlly
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We’ve got some fresh features in store for you in our Spring Release – seamless in-place restore for all Exchange data, Anonymized Salesforce Seeding with one click, and invoice payment in Japanese Yen (pairing well with our Tokyo DC). Plus, further Partner Portal enhancements.

Watch The Release Overview

Seamlessly Recover M365 Exchange Data With Replace Restore

We’ve extended the ease of in-place restore from Outlook emails to all Microsoft 365 Exchange sub-services. Restore contacts, tasks, notes, and calendars directly into your current mailbox folder. What’s more, you now have the option to choose between a non-destructive, in-place, and bypass restore.

  1. Non-destructive Restore: Keeps existing data as-is. Restores to a separate folder  
  2. Replace Restore:  Restores directly into your current mailbox folder. 
  3. Bypass Restore: Merges restored data with existing data.

Seamlessly recover your Microsoft Exchange artifacts with in-place restore


Watch this video for the all options to find and restore your MS Exchange data


Salesforce Data Anonymization for Sandbox Seeding

Ensure compliance with data regulations and protect your production Salesforce data in your sandboxes with easy data anonymization. Data security best practices and global regulatory laws such as the GDPR , CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, and PIPEDA  mandate data anonymization of data, particularly Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our new Data Anonymization feature replaces the PII with generic values so your dataset will be replicated with obfuscated PII. This protects your PII while ensuring compliance with regulations. Secure your Salesforce sandboxes with anonymized data.

How to Setup Data Anonymization for Your Salesforce Sandboxes. Watch Now!

Note: Anonymized objects will keep their original field types, to ensure that the data can be safely used for integration and testing. To know the anonymized values, download the Anonymization template.​

Use the toggle switch to anonymize your Salesforce data while seeding or replicating it


Konnichiwa, Again! Pay Invoices Using Japanese Yen

In our last release, we added another data center in Tokyo, Japan. We have now simplified payment for our Japanese customers with JPY currency support. Easily pay for your subscriptions via invoice by using the JPY currency. In addition to JPY, we support payment in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Simplify payment by choosing your local currency


Just for Our Partners!

Partner Portal: Billing Page Alerts

Keep track of your customers’ subscription payments with our new Unpaid Bills tab on the Partner Portal Billing page.  Filter and sort by bill status, including due, overdue, and failed payments. Download invoices and the CSV files of the consolidated invoice. Send email reminders for overdue bills. We’ve also added in-app alerts of outstanding bills or failed payments.

Monitor your customers’ bill payments with easy sorting by bill status


Partner Portal: Easily Add/Manage Partners

In our last release, we added the ability for distributors to self-service the addition of new Partners easily via the REST API. We’ve simplified it further; Resellers can now add partners directly by clicking “+ Add new partner” from the Partner Portal Dashboard


Is there a feature you’d love to see? Request it Here! 

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