Three Checks for Enterprise SaaS Backup

Three Checks for Enterprise SaaS Backup | CloudAlly
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Organizations are increasingly becoming more cyber secure and recognizing the need for backup to protect their SaaS data from loss due to errors, malware, and outages. However, the demands and needs of an enterprise from a backup solution, are not limited to mere data backup and recovery. Backup optimized for the enterprise needs to fit into the modern organization with a global workforce, stringent compliance requirements, and a diverse infrastructure stack. Here are three pointers to check if your SaaS backup is enterprise-ready

Enterprise SaaS Backup Checks:

#1 Enterprise backup needs to empower a global workforce

To be enterprise-ready, you backup solution has not only to adapt to a global workforce, frequent use of contractors and vendors, and employee entries/exits; but also empower such a diverse and complex workforce. This means backup should be easy enough to self-service, simplify employee management, and have a range of licensing options.

CloudAlly’s intuitive and easy recovery options that span any point-in-time and granular level are non-prescriptive and flexible enough to be used right out-of-the-box. Our option to backup inactive account data simplifies employee onboarding/offboarding while saving on licensing costs. We’ve also added new features to bulk activate users by using Office 365 Groups – for example, activating users that belong to Marketing and Management Groups, Active Directory properties like location, and/or by importing a list of users in CSV format such as employees belonging to a new acquisition.

#2 Enterprise backup needs to adhere to stringent compliance requirements

Data privacy and protection is a top priority for regulatory laws and customers alike. Regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, SoX and numerous other data protection laws have taken effect in a majority of countries. Your enterprise needs to pass audit checklists that are complex and stringent.

CloudAlly stores data in Amazon S3 storage with highly robust AES-256 encryption. You can select your choice of data centers spread across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with plans to increase the locations with new data centers in Germany and the UK. Thus your organization can be audit-ready with a data center suited to your regional regulations. Additionally, you can also specify the frequency of backup, and location of recovery with unlimited data retention. CloudAlly supports secure authentication with OAuth, MFA/2FA support, which is increasingly being mandated by Microsoft and others for its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program partners.

#3 Enterprise backup should fit right into a diverse infrastructure stack

Enterprises do not need rigid applications that mandate a particular infrastructure stack. Your SaaS-backup should fit right into your SaaS platform and your choice of database.

CloudAlly seamlessly integrates with the SaaS platform of your choice – Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Box, SharePoint/OneDrive, DropBox, and more. Especially helpful if and when you migrate from one platform to another. Moreover, in addition to restoring data directly to the application, you can export backup data to your own Amazon S3, Azure, Box, or Dropbox storage service. This flexibility is crucial for enterprises that require their backup solution to hit the ground running, without tedious infrastructure hacks and retrofits. And our 365x24x7 real-person customer service is always there to smoothen any hiccups – perfect for the enterprise with its over-strained IT resources.

Pick the SaaS Backup that Fits Right into your Enterprise

Your valuable data is only as safe and secure as where it is backed up. Select a backup and recovery solution that is geared to the enterprise – scalable, secure and compliant. 

CloudAlly pioneered Office 365 SaaS backup almost a decade ago, and our solutions are proven, robust and top-rated. We’re passionate about working with our customers to develop SaaS backup solutions that are tailored for the enterprise. Underscored by the fact that over 10,000 IT pros ranked us as a leading backup solution provider in a recent Newsweek survey. Our backup and recovery solutions will empower your organization to confidently thrive on the cloud knowing that your data is safe and secure.

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