Top 10 Reasons for Cloud-to-Cloud Backups

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Reasons For Cloud Backup

CloudAlly provides the first cloud-to-cloud backup of both Google Apps and Salesforce to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage. While there are on-premise backup solutions available for both, we feel that our cloud-to-cloud backup and restore service provides a number of benefits over on-premise. So let’s take a look at our list of the top 10 – reasons for cloud backup:

1. Time Savings

Our consolidated backup allows System Admins to quickly activate daily backups for all Salesforce Organizations and all domains associated with Google Apps accounts. This saves a significant amount of time and money by eliminating manually intensive processes.

2. Cost Savings

Eliminating the need for potentially costly infrastructure investments, licensing fees and valuable employee time spent manually backing up applications, CloudAlly leverages the power of cloud economics providing a comprehensive daily backup service for your online applications at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

3. Increased Scalability

CloudAlly provides unlimited storage of your daily archives on reliable and secure Amazon S3 storage. Our service scales as your business grows. No need to monitor utilization, increase storage, or upgrade your account as your business demands increase.

4. Rapid Implementation

A few clicks is all it takes to register, permission and activate your automated daily backups. No software to install and maintain, and no manual export processes to perform. Set it and forget it, that’s all it takes.

5. Platform Compatibility

As a cloud-to-cloud solution, CloudAlly runs in any browser so platform compatibility is never an issue.

6. Centralized Solution

CloudAlly is the first centralized cloud-to-cloud automated backup service for both Google Apps and Salesforce. No need to manage separate solutions for each application backup.

7. Robust Security

Stored data is encrypted using advanced AES encryption algorithms, and all data transmitted is encrypted and secured using SSL (HTTPS) enabled servers. The use of OAuth for application permissioning eliminates the need to store your credentials providing an added layer of security.

8. Increased Reliability

With built-in world-class redundancy and failover architecture, AWS provides a level of reliability that would be difficult to match in most on-premise IT centers.

9.  Accessibility

Cloud-based archives allow you to export or restore your mission critical online data from any location in the world using a standard web browser.

10. Green Computing and Sustainability

And last but certainly not least, a recent study by Microsoft, Accenture and WSP Environment & Energy has shown that small organizations (100 users) can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90% by moving to the cloud, medium-sized companies (1000 users) can save up to 30 to 60%, and large organizations can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 30% or more.

So there you have it. Ten compelling reasons for CloudAlly’s cloud-to-cloud backup service allowing you to save time and money, while improving scalability, reliability and accessibility, not to mention doing something good for the environment…

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