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Cloud Computing Blogs

According to a Gartner forecast, cloud adoption is expected to reach $250 billion by 2017.  According to another insight discussed in “Digital Business – Rethinking Fundamentals”, a keynote Cloud Business Summit held in NYC last year, over 60 percent of enterprises are expected to have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms by 2018.

The future of the cloud is bright and it is evident that to implement the cloud successfully, enterprises first need to understand the basics right and need to stay on top of its latest developments.

While there are many news sources, very few blogs offer in-depth analysis and insights to help you understand the benefits of the cloud. Are you curious to know which ones do? Here is our top choices.


InfoWorld is a popular choice among technology and business leaders who need in-depth analysis of enterprise technology. David Linthicum, a widely recognized thought leader in the cloud computing industry, covers their cloud computing section mostly. He covers current trends in cloud computing and offers rich insights on the industry’s breaking news as well.


CloudTweaks was established back in 2009 and considered one of the leading cloud computing blogs today. It has contributors from across the world and publishes cloud trends, industry interviews, predictions, and information-rich articles. Its cloud technology comics covered under the humor section play a major role behind its immense popularity.


CloudAve has a broad range of contributors with a wide variety of subject matter expertise. It claims to encourage debate and do not offer any official viewpoint. They also publish informative articles on other technology and business topics such as mobile, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more


CloudPundit is the brainchild of Lydia Leong, a technology analyst at Gartner. She covers cloud technologies and a wide variety of related topics such as content delivery networks, managed hosting, data centers, emerging cloud and cloud-enabled services, and other Internet infrastructure services. Posts related to her analyst coverage area are also mirrored at the Gartner Blog Network.


Cloud Computing by Chirag Mehta offers in-depth analysis and interesting predictions about cloud. Chirag has 15 years of experience in product management, strategy, architecture, and development and as a panelist and keynote speaker at several enterprise software conferences. His blogs are also published at CloudAve.


All Things Distributed is a popular blog run by Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon. It isn’t just about cloud computing though, but provides an insight into AWS’ vision and strategy, which is obviously a matter of interest for any cloud pro. It is an excellent knowledge hub for businesses planning to build robust and scalable, distributed systems.


Renowned Forbes columnist Ben Kepes covers the convergence of mobile, technology, agility, and ubiquity, enabled by the cloud here. He is a recognized, subject matter expert and considered one of the most influential technology thinkers globally. Ben’s commentary has been published in several popular online publications such as GigaOm, The Guardian, and ReadWriteWeb, to name a few.


Rickscloud is run by Rick Blaisdell, a cloud computing expert and technical strategist with twenty years of extensive experience in product and business development. The blog has over 530 cloud and technology articles covering virtualization, cloud security, IaaS, SaaS, and latest news on cloud industry and services.


The Avoa blog is a go-to source for many technology and business leaders to get updates on technology innovation, and rich insights on cloud computing from the blogger Tim Crawford, a thought leader in the areas of IT innovation, transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing.


This is a popular blog covering all the latest news, white papers, informative articles about the cloud, and several event and conference announcements. It has several accredited top software executives as columnists sharing their insights regarding cloud on its blog.

Feel free to also checkout the CloudAlly blog as well – Cloud trends, CRM trends, Productivity apps developments, Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, Cloud backup and more.

Which is your favorite blog? Did we miss an important one? Do you have a different top list? Please comment below and let us know which blogs you think should have been included, and why.

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